Xiaomi Grabs Third Place in Global Smartphone Market (xiaomi global ranking)

Finally, Xiaomi reached the top three in the global smartphone industry after a 45% rise year on year. This giant Chinese company doesn’t compromise on its phone quality that’s why it’s gone viral very short time. In just 4 years  Xiaomi Global Ranking rapidly increases and it achieve third position.

The demand for this smartphone in the local Chinese market is huge but on Globally level it’s also boom. This giant Chinese tech company has lately sought to grow beyond its core Chinese market, selling smartphones in Singapore, Hong Kong, and also in India, most recently.

Xiaomi Ranking Increases

You are most familiar with this globally growing brand. Xiaomi gives you a lot of premium features smartphones at affordable prices. And this is the secret of their success. I personally used Xiaomi smartphones and they have awesome quality features, available at very low cost.

Acording to Xiaomi executive represnter, “We believe that the search for technological innovation will always be a prerequisite for Xiaomi’s competitiveness, from which we can offer amazing products at affordable prices.”

Till now Xiaomi has not revealed its revenue and profit figures to the world. So it is impossible to get its annual or quarterly revenue stats. But one thing is clear that its monthly revenue constantly increases. The lead was reclaimed by Samsung, up 2% to 80.2 million units. And similarly, Huawei saw shipments decline by 23%, was in second place. Xiaomi on number third sold 47.1 million units in Q3. And this one is the biggest achievement of Xiaomi which places this brand on number thrid.

In the third quater of 2020, 356.6 million Xiaomi’s smart cellular device were sold globally. But as compare to the second quater of 2020, this growth rate of this quater is really impressive, with 32% increase of growth. Interesting thing is that Xiaomi also beat Apple. Apple comes on number forth with 11% of the market.

Xiaomi Global Ranking

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