Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Price and Release Date

Xbox Series X Price

Microsoft is working on two consoles of Xbox for the next-gen. Microsoft is aiming to claim both ends of the market. Everyone is very confused about the price of the Xbox series X and Xbox series S. Now, we can confirm indeed that the prices of both should be very familiar, matching that of the last year’s Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Xbox Series X and Series S price

Our sources claim that the price of entry-level Xbox Series S  will $299 at retail, with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option. Microsoft is planning to push it hard through various retailers and a large global rollout. While on the other hand, the more powerful Xbox Series X price will be $499, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access financing options.

Launch Date:

Xbox Series S

It is now also confirmed that both Xbox consoles will launch on November 10, 2020.

The leak of Xbox Series S through Brad Sams gives us a glimpse at entry-level next-gen SKU of Microsoft. The Series S is also small enough to fit inside a Series X. We expect it to be around 4TF RDNA2. It will make it roughly as powerful as the Xbox One X. We don’t have many details about the console’s capabilities beyond that, but we expect NVME drives. We also expect many of the newer “next-gen” features like fast resuming multiple games, and ray tracing.

The Xbox Series X comes is a 12TF beast of a console. It will boast 4K resolution and 60FPS with also some games, like Halo Infinite, going all the way up to 120 FPS in multiplayer.

The prices of Xbox Series S and X put them firmly in-line with the One S and Xbox One X. Now, it will be interesting to see how Sony prices the PlayStation 5. Microsoft has also committed to bringing the entire Xbox One game library. It includes backward compatible Xbox 360 games forward to the S and X. Your Xbox One headset and all other accessories will also work on the next-gen systems.

Microsoft is also aiming to push Xbox All Access financing far more broadly than it did this gen. We are also expecting it to roll out to far more markets than previously.

That’s all we know so far about the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. We will update this article as soon as we get some new updates. Keep visiting us for more updates.

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