WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature In Its Final Steps

whatsapp multi-device

This month WhatsApp launches lots of new features including a new sticker pack, some changes in UI, new ringtone, and other such features. And now the new important feature is the WhatsApp multi-device feature. This feature enables you to use the WhatsApp account on multiple devices. This feature is quite helpful for people who use two differnt phones. According to a new report, the WhatsApp Multi-device feature is under the final stages of development. And this feature will support up to four devices at a time. Once the feature hits the beta version and then it comes to a stable version.

WhatsApp Multi-Devices Feature

No doubt this new feature is the most awaiting feature and is one of the major addition to the WhatsApp messaging app. In its beta version, the app has been spotted testing support for two or more devices multiple devices. According to Wabeteinfto the feature is in the final stages of development and will soon launch in its beta version.

The main advantage of the Multi-device feature is, you won’t need an internet connection on the main phone. So you can use WhatsApp Desktop when your phone is off. This time WhatsApp is planning a new modern UI for the Desktop client, showing how the chat history is migrated from your device and that the process is end-to-end encrypted.

According to Wabetainfo‘s post, the most important part of the Multi-device feature is ready, for example, the possibility to sync the chat history, muting your chats, starring/delivering messages, etc. But some of the features are still missing, and without those WhatsApp Multi-device feature is incomplete. On the official website of Wabetainfo, there are some screenshots.

whatsapp multidevice feature

In the above screenshots, you can observe a toggle for enabling and disabling the multi-device feature. It is expected that the WhatsApp Multi-device feature will be launch soon.

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