WhatsApp is Going To Introduce a New Read Later Function

WhatsApp is Going To Introduce a New Read Later Function

WhatsApp is one of the top chatting apps in the world. It is used by billions of people around the world. Nowadays, WhatsApp is introducing many new features in its app. WhatsApp is also making changes and additions to its app in recent weeks and months. Now, the news is coming that WhatsApp is going to introduce a new read later feature in its app.

The new version of the Archived chats in WhatsApp is called Read Later. This new update of WhatsApp will bring important changes to the way messages can be archived and muted. This new Read Later mode of WhatsApp will work in conjunction with the Vacation Mode of the app.

Another main change of the Read Later function is that even when you archived some chat or mark it as reading at a later, the new messages will arrive and be added to the archive. But with this function, you will not get notifications about them. It is expected that the main purpose of WhatsApp is to reduce the interruptions for users.

Remember that, till now, this Read Later function has only been seen in the iOS version of the WhatsApp app. It is seen in the beta version of WhatsApp for iOS. But it is very hard to imagine that this new feature will not arrive on the Android version of the app. Also, remember that this new feature is not officially announced so far. It is very hard to say that when this feature will be available to users.

More about WhatsApp Read later

As we mentioned above that the main purpose of WhatsApp is to reduce interruption by adding this feature. So, Read Later chats will be silenced so you will not interrupt by them. But this Read Later function will be always available in your chair list. You can jump to them anytime to read the messages that you marked for reading Later. If you want to receive notifications from that chat again then you can unarchive it. You can archive and unarchive one or more chats in a few taps.

Till now, this new feature can only be seen and used by those people who are signed up for WhatsApp beta program. If you are not already using the beta program then you have to wait for the final release. After that, you can use WhatsApp Read Later Function.

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