What is Samsung Dual Audio and How To Use It?

Samsung Dual Audio

Samsung Dual Audio Bluetooth allows users to share the same audio with two different wireless headsets. Sharing music is a great experience, but no one wants to enjoy music with only one bud, and also no one wants to use a friend’s unkempt earbuds.

Now, it’s time to breakdown how to use the Samsung Dual Audio feature, and also discuss its benefits.


What is Samsung Dual Audio?

As we mentioned above that the Samsung Dual Audio allows users to connect with two different Bluetooth headsets with one Samsung device. With this feature two friends, siblings, or partners can share the same audio while listening to songs or watching movies. This dual audio feature launched for the first time in the Samsung S8 series and remained a hushed mainstay ever since. This feature has been around for over a decade on Samsung devices.HostGator Web Hosting


How to use Samsung Dual Audio Feature?

To use the Dual Audio feature on your Samsung device, you must first pair each device to the desired Galaxy device.

Follow the following steps in order to enable the dual audio feature

Step 1       Step 2

  Step 3


Step 4   Step 5

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to connections
  3. Open Bluetooth and turn it on
  4. Enter pairing mode from your headset, and connect both of them with your device.
  5. Pull your notifications shade down and tap Media
  6. Check the devices you want to use for the dual audio feature.

After enabling Dual Audio Sharing from your Samsung smartphone, this program allows you to adjust volume levels for each headset. 


Benefits of  Dual Audio Feature

The benefits of this feature are clear. You can easily share a song’s audio or movie’s audio with your friend without having to share one earphone with him/her. It can be very frustrating sometimes because of physically tethering you close together. Also, this is a great way to listen to some motivational tracks while working out with a friend or your partner.

It can also be frustrating for those who need to listen to something at high volume or watching some video on YouTube at fast speed. For example, if parents are watching something with their children then most probably parents require a much louder output then their children which can be frustrating for their children. A great way to solve this problem is to use the Samsung Dual Audio feature by connecting two headsets with the same device where you can control the volume of each headset separately.


Other FAQs

Q: Is there a lag between audio between the headsets?

A: No doubt multi-device Bluetooth audio sharing is a great feature but it is not perfect. Yes, there can be a slight lag in playback from one to another but it was very minimal though (<0.5s), and will not distract any user.


Q: Can I send audio to a pair of earbuds and speakers, or does it only work with earbuds and headphones?

A: Yes, you can share send audio from Samsung Device to a pair of earbuds or Bluetooth speakers.


Q: Difference between Dual Audio and Bluetooth multipoint?

A: Bluetooth multipoint and dual audio have inverse functionalities. Bluetooth multipoint allows a single pair of earbuds to connect to two or more source devices at the same time ( smartphone and laptop). Dual Audio lets a single source device to connect with two headsets.


Q: Can I use the Dual Audio feature on every android device?

A: Sadly no, you can’t use this feature on every device. This is because not all android devices support the Dual Audio feature. For instance, Google Pixel 4 allows you to connect with two Bluetooth headsets but can only output audio to one at a time.


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