What is 5G? The Next Amazing Generation Wireless Standard

If you are following the phone and technology nowadays, Then you may have noticed that 5G is being discussed everywhere. All the big companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, OnePlus, and other big names in the smartphone industry are talking about 5G and giving there best to provide 5G service in their new phones. You may have a question in your mind that what does 5G actually mean. In simple words, 5G means that if you are living in the right area where 5G is available and have the right 5G phone or hotspot, you can get a faster and reliable phone connection.

What does the 5G network mean?

  • Faster network speed for downloading and uploading
  • Smoother streaming
  • Higher-quality voice and video calls
  • More reliable mobile connections
  • More connected IoT devices
  • Expansion of advanced technologies like self-driving cars & smart cities

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More data demand

5G is spreading around the world many fast. 5G refers to 5G NR (New Radio), which has many types of different technologies and different implementations. What does 5G connection mean for the consumer varies significantly between carriers, but one thing is common that is the best speed and capacity.

Technically 5G is the next generation of mobile broadband connections. There are 3 main categories of 5G based on the frequency being used. These categories are low-band, mid-band, and mmWave (millimeter wave). Low-band and mid-band 5G are known as sub-6, indicating that it is below 6GHz.

It doesn’t matter a lot that which 5G connection you are using they all provide you fast network speeds. But definitely the most noticeable change will come from High-frequency mmWave. The mmWave network comes with great speeds, but the coverage is very limited as compared to Sub-6.

All carriers are looking towards a combination of different 5G categories to build out a complete network depending on the density and geographic challenges in the area.


T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile is using a low-band 5G network on its 600Mhz spectrum on many of its towers. This frequency is suitable for coverage, T-Mobile was able to leap ahead in 5G coverage without building new towers. T-Mobile just had to upgrade their equipment and make sure the towers had a strong fiber backhaul to supply a connection.

Using low-band technology doesn’t mean that T-Mobile is relying on this slower technology. T-Mobile also has a limited mmWave network in a few cities which includes New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Los Vegas, and some others also. They are also adding more speed and capacity to their sub-6 network.



AT&T 5G network started on mmWave and start their 5G service with more than 30 cities getting some amount of coverage. The real gains for AT&T came when they start deploying 5G on their 850MHz sub-6 spectrum. But the speed was not impressive as compared to fast LTE results.

This carrier was the first which deploy 5G with DSS or dynamic spectrum sharing. This technology allows the tower equipment to allocate spectrum from 4G to 5G technology automatically based on load.


How Fast is 5G?

5G Speed


5G speed depends on the locations, countries, carriers, and devices. The average speed of this technology will be much greater than the 4G.

We have found different speeds in different regions in our test.

Some of the mmWave networks most reliably, Verizon in the US is providing over 1Gbps as promised. Sprint mid-band 2.5GHz 5G service covers more area and providing speed about 200Mbps which is not too impressive but it is better than 4G speed.

In the UK, EE’s network providing 550Mbps, but spotty coverage resulted in speeds averaging 200Mbps-400Mbps. You can expect around similar speed in the UK’s other networks and in Australia.

TechRadar 5G Speed Test


Is it Safe?

You may listen to some myths and rumors about 5G with regards to radiations, but research shows that there’s no evidence of any risks.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has declared 5G completely safe.


Which Phones Support 5G?

5G Phones


Modern devices like the Galaxy S20 5G can connect with T-Mobile and AT&T sub-6 networks, but the earlier phones could only connect to a specific band. All Verizon 5G phones work with the current network.

List of some 5G phones till now (21 July 2020)


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