Alternatives to PUBG

Alternatives of PUBG

PUBG appears to be the most addictive game across the world nowadays.PUBG Mobile is one of the most famous battle royale games that exist in the play store. The game has been admired by many countries in the world and it is one of the most downloaded games in the world as in our country everyone plays the game. And after banning PUBG in Pakistan.the is a lot of debate about what should they play. And PUBG corporation is also banning  ID,s that are using VPN.So the question comes which android games are the best alternatives to PUBG. However, PUBG Mobile is not the only battle-royale game present in the app market. There is a list of games that could give PUBG a tough time in the long run. In this article, we are going to talk about the alternatives to  PUBG Mobile game.


Rules of survival


“RULES OF SURVIVAL” is the most powerful alternatives of PUBG  for Android. The moment you will get in this game guarantee u that u will find it similar to PUBG in many aspects of the game. It has got almost the same graphics as PUBG mobile.

This game allows 300 players who can battle out with each other to be the last player standing. Rules of survival give us the luxury of weapons .you can arm your self to destroy your opponents.

rules of srvival

You can choose to play with a team or u can play as a single player to show skills.
The mechanics of the game, created by another Chinese giant of the technology industry such as NetEase, is very similar: up to 300 players fall from a helicopter to an extensive map whose area is reduced with the passage of time, flooded with objects, weapons, and elements with which to interact, and only the last survivor will be the winner.

It is a free game like PUBG and a great alternative to PUBG

Fortnite :

Alternatives of PUBG

Fortnite is a game that can give PUBG a tough time in the long run. In Fortnite battle royal is so challenging that u have to be a step ahead in the game to survive against your rivals. need to be a step ahead of your foes to stay alive.    Boost your chance of ruling the game is by the robust squad.

The best trick that I would have while playing Fortnite is by building a strong shield. Moreover, get all the things that can get your armory more strong and collect gears that create havoc in rivals camp.

I am also playing Fortnite these days and this game is quite difficult and should be a tremendous alternative to PUBG.

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Black Survival :

black survival 1


This game is really intense and has got all the tools to be the world’s favorite game in just matters of months.

This black survival allows you to go for a war ina deserted island with ten enemies. The only rules that rock in this game are no rule.

The deserted island is divided into 22 portions as there are portions in PUBG such as hospital, beach. and the forest.

Another mode in the game is PVP shootout that lasts up to twenty minutes in this mode you have to survive a and throw your enemies out of the game.

black survival 2


In this game, you are allowed to use up to 30 characters. Although Black survival offers us only 6 or 7 types of weapons u can find hidden items in the game to get 5000 types of powerful weapons.

Knives Out :

Knives out 1


This “knives out ” means all business. This game allows up to 100 players to fight for the ultimate pride.  Eventually, the one who succeeds in getting the enemies out of the game is victorious.

This ” Knives out” battlefield is equipped with numerous stunts and challenges. And like the PUBG it also allows you to team up with your teammate as play as a squad.

it is an alternative to PUBG

Alternatives toPUBG

But it comes with a twist you will be able to stay in sync with your teammates.


Free fire

Many people play free fire and its quite a good game but this will give you alternatives to PUBG that’s not going to happen. it is a good game but I think its a bit easier to play than the other battle royal games in the market.

But it is one of the most loved games in the community. I like its 10-minute game when we are against other 49 players and u have to outsmart all of them by playing your best strokes.

Gear up for one of the most loved survival shooting games for Android. I like its 10-minute game where you are up against 49 other players on a remote island.

The tip that I can give is you find a safe in the early stage of the game then plain your Schemes and attack your enemies.

The best part of the free fire is it lasts only ten minutes and those who love to play games in less time its the best game for u guys.

Free fire 2

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