Top 7 Best Laser Keyboards in 2020

In this article, I’m gonna show you top 7 Best Laser Keyboards

What is Laser Keyboard? Actually best laser keyboards is Amazing it is just a projection of keyboard. When the user touches the projections of keys, the device records the corresponding Keyboard. And these are also famous as Projections keyboards.

Now users who face difficulty in typing on their smartphones can use this amazing gadget for their ease. These projection keyboards turn your mobile into a desktop/computer.

One thing I told you that these best laser keyboards accurately work on smooth and flat surfaces. Basically, the projection of keys is produced by a small box. You can easily carry this beautiful small box in your hands as well in your begs and pockets etc, as compared to large wire keyboards and Bluetooth keyboards. now a days most of the people are using best laser keyboards to be comfort in typing, there are several types of best laser keyboards which you can buy in very cheap price from amazon here we can show you top 10 best laser keyboards and also tell you about there specifications, so read the article below to know more about best laser keyboards.


Top 10 Best Laser Keyboards

1- Serafim Laser Keyboard

Serafim Laser Keyboard is one of the most powerful Laser projection Keyboard, that contains multiple functions. One thing which is most famous about this keyboard is that this keyboard comes with very unique keys design.

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As all other keyboards come with square keys designs this keyboard comes with round keys design, which improves the keystroke accuracy and thus makes it more user friendly. Secondly, this keyboard comes with 2,000 mAH powerful battery which gives you 10 hours typing time. this keyboard also acts as a power bank too.

Moreover, this Laser keyboard supports virtual Studio with more musical instruments like piano, guitar, and drums, etc.

2- Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard

Brookstone Laser keyboard is also one of the more demanded laser projection keyboards. One thing good about this keyboard is that it has a very sharp light. You can see a very bright projection of keys which are more advanced thins as compare to other keyboards.

Moreover, this keyboard is a high wireless range. The battery timing of Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard is 1000mAH. This keyboard is much faster as compared to others because of its highly sensitive projection keys. Amazon gives you a 10% discount on this keyboard.

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3- Gangxun Laser Keyboard

Gangxun Laser Keyboard is a highly rated keyboard with a very impressive design of laser projection keys. This keyboard is multifunctional with a Bluetooth Mini Speakers. One amazing feature in this keyboard is Auto Sleep mode that detects inactivity for 8 seconds and then shifts it to an energy-saving mode.

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Moreover, this is the best budget-friendly laser keyboard that comes with a 1000 mAH battery. Best for your smartphones, tablets, pads, and laptops.

4- Mojo Laser keyboards

Mojo Laser keyboards are the best laser keyboards, famous due to its speed and accuracy. Although, this laser keyboard is a bit expensive but believes me this keyboard is count in the list of Best laser projection keyboards. The keyboard box is small as compared to other laser projection keyboards boxes and has a very impressive design.

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This keyboard is compatible with all types of devices. Mojo keyboard also comes with 1,000mAH battery, 60 days warranty, and virtual mouse features. High keystroke rate of about 350 characters in a minute give it extra fast speed plus it has very bright laser projection keys.

5- Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard

Celluon EPIC Ultra-Portable Full-Size Virtual Keyboard is a very good looking and efficient device. This projection keyboard is a bit large as compared to other keyboards. The keyboards are multifunctional and work with all types of devices including smartphones, iPhones, pads, tablets, laptops, and computer, etc.

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This keyboard is not compatible with Android 4 and lower device, similarly iPhone OS it works with IOS 4 and up versions. The keyboard comes with a 660 mAH battery for a total of 3.V. You can also adjust brightness and sensitivity in this keyboard.

6- Tangxi Virtual Laser Keyboard

Tangxi Virtual Laser Keyboard is just the same as the Mojo projection keyboard. This laser keyboard comes with a British QWERTY keyboard layout of about 19mm in the key intervals, and this is highly convenient to type.

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Moreover, the layout is a project about 90mm away from the device. This keyboard is also compatible with all types of devices. Tangxi Virtual Laser Keyboard comes with a powerful 700 mAh battery of a 3.7 V rating.

One thing about this keyboard is that it’s very light in weight approximately 60 grams of weight. This keyboard also switched to a mouse mode too.

7- iNext Station Wireless Bluetooth Projection Virtual Keyboard

iNextStation Wireless Bluetooth Projection Virtual Keyboard comes with a very strong sensor which increases its accuracy. This keyboard has a Special Bluetooth matching feature which can help it to connect with all devices.

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Also, this laser keyboard has a special English QWERTY keyboard layout. With mouse mode, it allows you to use your finger as a mouse. The detection rate is over 350 characters per minute and has low power consumption.



So, from the above discussion if you want to buy a high power battery Laser projection keyboard then Serafim Laser Keyboard is the best keyboard for you. This keyboard gives you a 200mAh battery which is a very powerful battery that gives 10 hours of typing time.

If you are looking for a more efficient and high-speed laser keyboard then Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard is the best option for you. Also, you can buy it with a 10% discount from Amazon.

And if you want a cheap and budget-friendly projection keyboard Mojo Laser keyboards are the best choice.

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