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Top 5 Best Yoga Apps Of 2021 That You Can Try at Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have to work from our home. We all have more time to focus on our health and wellbeing to maintain our fitness. First, we will tell you about the benefits of yoga and then in today’s article, we will also tell you about the top 5 best Yoga apps of 2021.

As we mentioned above that we are working from home nowadays, so sitting at the desk for a long time can be disastrous for our bodies. It results in high blood pressure, bad posture problems, and many more diseases. Yoga will help you counteract some of these problems. It will increase your muscle strength and will reduce your stress.

But nowadays, you can’t go to the actual studio for yoga. That’s why yoga apps are the perfect method to learn about yoga at home. We have gathered some of the best apps for yoga available in the market. You can try these apps at your home for the best yoga practices. It will definitely help you in maintaining your fitness and health.

Best Yoga Apps of 2021

1- Glo


This is one of the best yoga apps because it is very easy to navigate. Glo is based on need rather than classes, you can choose categories in this app such as ‘Start your morning’. Based on your category it will encourage you to take classes that warm up your body. Similarly, other categories also work on different needs with different methods such as reducing stress and learning the basics of yoga.

Duration, level, and intensity in this Glo app are also very easy to filter. Glo also allows you to switch it up to include mediation. The best thing about this app is it offers you the core flow classes and also restorative sessions that help sleep better.

This app also offers you two live classes every day that will keep you on track. The pros and cons of the Glo app are also mentioned below, you can get an idea about the app.

Price: $216 / £258 per year

  • Live classes
  • Category-based
  • Easy to navigate
  • Expensive

2- FiiT

FiiT best yoga apps

FiiT is also one of the best apps for yoga in 2021 that you can download to learn yoga at home. It is a great pocket workout if you are traveling or you have to workout quickly then this app is best for you. All the workouts available in the apps are shot in the FiiT studios.

The classes and sessions of yoga grow every week. It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or want advanced training you will surely find something great in this app. The best yoga practice of the app is Cat Meffan’s short yoga that will increase your heart rates.
FiiT app also allows you to sign up for the live classes and you can also buy a tracker for tracking your heart rate and calories. You can use this amazing app for your yoga purposes and we are sure that it will help you.
The pros and cons of the app are also mentioned below, you can get an idea about the app below.

Price: £120 (about $150 / AU$220) / year

  • Energetic instructors
  • Well-lit studio
  • Calorie tracker
  • No smart TV tech

3- WithU

WithU best yoga apps

This is also one of the best cheap yoga apps available in the market. If you love workouts at home but don’t want to look at the screen all the time then this app is best for you.

This is an audio app that narrates a workout to you. You don’t need to look at the screen while doing a workout. You have to move your body into weird and awkward positions in yoga that’s why it is a useful app for yoga.

The best thing about this app is that the instructors in this app are also very motivators. They use motivational language while teaching you yoga. WithU app is relatively new but it has a large selection of yoga workouts.

The price of the app and the pros and cons are mentioned below, you can get an idea about the app from the pros and cons.

Price: £59.99 (about $80) per year

  • Good variety
  • Motivational audio
  • Great instructors
  • Detailed narration
  • We did not find any major negative cons of this app

4- Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is also one of the best apps for yoga available on the market in 2021. You can use this app for your daily routine of workouts. This app comes with the backdrops of mountains and sparkling blue pools. You will definitely enjoy the yoga classes of Asana Rebel.

Not only exercise, but Asana Rebel is also designed for sessions of sleep, nutrition, and meditation. There are also many other workouts are available in the app which includes, cardio, strength, and even breathwork.

Asana Rebel app provides you a good variety of yoga classes which also include warrior flows to hatha workouts. The best thing about the app is how they narrated by someone other than the instructors. We can get benefits from the detailed explanation in the yoga classes.

In our list, Asana Rebel is one of the most affordable and cheap yoga apps. This app is also offering you a discount on an annual membership if you sign up now. If you want a trial from this app then there also some free videos are available for trial purposes.

The price, pros, and cons of the Asana Rebel are mentioned below. By reading these pros and cons you can get an idea about the app.

Price:  £64.99 (about $80) per year

  • Interesting backdrops
  • Good selection of classes
  • Well laid out
  • Simple navigation
  • We are unable to find any major negative point of this app

5- Down Dog

Down Dog Best yoga apps

This app is also one of the best yoga apps of 2021 that you can download and use for your fitness purposes. This app responds to your personal preferences. After the first use of the app, it will ask you about the time of your workout, your expertise, and the sort of yoga you want. This app also asks you about the type of music and even the kind of voice that you like during the classes.

If you want to change these settings then you can do this in the app very easily. Down Dog also gives you the option of different yoga styles which include chair yoga, Yin, and also restorative yoga. It will also help you in decreasing your Shavasana time.

The yoga classes in this app are narrated with good details, and also the camera moves in the videos focus on more complicated moves. Some of our yoga classes were very challenging in this app when we select the core workout boost.

The only bad thing about this Down Dog is that the instructor and location never changes. But if you are in loved with only one studio then this app is best for you. You can also read the pros and cons of the app below.

Price:  $49.99 (about £40) per year

Pros & Cons

  • Good music
  • No-frills classes
  • Detailed instructions
  • Simple setup
  • Same location and instructor

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