Top 5 Best QR Scanner Apps For Android 2020

QR Scanner Apps

QR codes are a convenient form for storing and accessing data online. QR codes and QR Scanner apps are widely used by companies and other organizations for different purposes. They are used for payments, social networking, and also for marketing purposes. You can see some numbers below which will really impress you.

As per reports of CNN, QR codes were used in 2016 for the transactions of over $1.65 trillion in China only. In 2017 these codes were also used for the 1.7 Billion different coupon codes. It is expected that this figure will grow by about 5.3 Billion by 2022.

Even, if you take these numbers as a pinch of salt, still you can’t deny the importance of QR codes in the future. You might be thinking that this will be limited to the selected regions or markets, but that won’t be the case.

In order to scan any QR code, we need an app for this purpose. In today’s article, we will tell you about some of the best QR Scanner Apps for Android available in the market.

You can see the list of the apps below, so let’s start.

1: QR Scanner (by Joe North)

QR Scanner By Joe North

This is one of the best QR scanner apps available in the market. QR Scanner by Joe North allows you to scan and read the information that is encoded in a QR code. You can also create your own QR code via this app.

The user interface of this app is impressive. It is clean and the features of the app are very easy to use and access. You just need to launch the app, place your camera at code, and the app will decode information for you.

QR Scanner By Joe North 2

The app supports all types of QR codes. The QR Scanner app can read the calendar information, Wi-Fi parameters, address, email address, contact information, and also just a plain text. Whatever information your QR code has it will scan it for you in just a second.

The app will also store your scanning history so that you can use it in the future.


Cost: QR Scanner app by Joe North is totally free.

Google Play

2: Kaspersky Lab’s QR Code reader

Kaspersky Lab's QR Scanner

Kaspersky Lab is known for its web security products and services. This company is Moscow-based and also develops different utility apps. This app is best for mobile security if you are conscious about your mobile security, this app should be your first choice.

This app by Kaspersky Lab comes with a bunch of security features. While scanning QR code this app will warn you if there are any malicious links that could harm you. This app will not just scan links, but also text, images, and other information encoded in the QR code.

This app also keeps your history of scanning.

Cost:  This app is totally free to use

Google Play

3: Avira Insight (QR Scanner App)

Avira Insight

Like Kaspersky Lab’s scanner app Avira Insight is also one of the best QR Scanner apps with security features. It does the job of protecting you from different viruses. This app scans the links and websites by using Avira’s proprietary URL cloud technology to protect you from different malicious content.

Avira Insight 2

This app will also help you in low-light because it supports the flashlight. It will allow you to scan your QR code at low light or in dark rooms. Avira has also the ability to scan the barcodes which will help you in to check and compare the prices of products while shopping.


Cost: This app is totally free to use.

Google Play

4: QR Code Reader (By Green Apple Studio)

QR Code Reader

The QR code Reader By Green Apple Studio is also one of the noteworthy mentions. It supports all types of QR codes and also the interface of the app is very straightforward and easy. You will never feel any difficulty while using the app’s features.

With the scanning of QR codes, you can also use this app to create your own QR code. You can encode your private information such as contacts, links, and phone numbers in the form of QR code. This app will also allow you to scan barcodes.

One of the weak points of this app is that it doesn’t have a built-in browser. You can’t open the links within the app.

Cost: This app is totally free to use and over 10 million active users around the world.

Google Play

5: Lightning QR Scanner (By Apps Wing)

Lightning QR Code Scanner

This app is also best for scanning QR codes and barcodes. You can use this app to scan QR codes, barcodes, and create personal QR codes.

This app can scan all types of QR codes and will also store your history of scanning. You can retrieve them for reference purposes in the future. You just need to open the app, tap on the scan icon, and point the camera to the QR code. The app will automatically decode the information stored in the code.

One of the best things that this app has is it allows you to create your own QR code for Wi-Fi. You can use this feature to generate QR code for your Wi-FI and simply have your guest it to connect.

Another interesting feature in the app is, you can also scan codes from your images in the phone’s gallery.


Cost:  This app is totally free to use.

Google Play

We hope that our article will help you in finding the best QR Scanner app. Keep visiting us in the future.


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