US Government is going to enforce TikTok’s ban

tiktok's Us ban

Us Government is going to ban different Chinese apps including Tiktok and other popular apps.

After banning in India now Tiktok is also going to ban in the United States too. US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said it was “certainly looking at” banning different Chinese apps including Tiktok and its parent company ByteDance.

TikTok’s ban in the US

When someone asked US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that if he would recommend people to download this Tiktok, Pompeo said “Only if you want to share your private data with Chinese Communist Party.” It means till now there are critical relations between the US and China.

In another statement, he said that “Our First priority is to promote a safe and secure app experience for our users. We will never provide our user information to the Chinese government. This Statment of Pompeo clearly states that they will never share User’s information with China.

TikTok US ban

Moreover, Pompeo has considered all Chinese companies as a Security Threat to the US. This is because of the new Chinese internet Security law, according to this law the Chinese government has access to private data of users. And according to ABC News, “Every Chinese tech company must follow this rule to provide private information of users to Chinese Government.

As Tiktok is own by its ByteDance which is its parent company, this Chinese tech firm also started travel search and real estate search sites. Now Tiktok has tried to distance itself from ByteDance. Also In a report, Tiktok spokesperson said that “We have never shared users information with Chinese Government, nor would we do so if asked.”

On the other hand, It looks that the US nation is not happy with this Ban. Because of every Tiktok user Fo a lot of hard work on making impressive videos for their profiles. Now, this is very difficult for that to leave Tiktok.

Tiktok will face Huge loss

TikTok is facing huge losses after got banned in India. This is due to the critical relations between India and China. Noe due to new Chinese Internet Security Law. Us is also looking to ban Tiktok as well as other Chinese apps. One thing is clear that after getting a ban in the US, Tiktok faces a might loss.

According to the report of ByteDance Tiktok is expecting a loss of $6 Billion. And I think this is a huge loss to Tiktok and its parent companies.

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