Samsung Note 20 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S20 (2020)

note 20 ultra vs s20 ultra

 Samsung Note 20 Ultra Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a beast itself with the new and upgraded S-PEN. In this new normal this is not a normal smartphone, and indefeasible productivity pocket computer, next-level gaming beast, pro-grade 8K camera, and editing phone, a power phone that adapts and changes as we work and play. 

 A new premium design and a new color: Mystic Bronze and also Mystic Black and Mystic White with a premium satin texture. 

 Featuring a Dynamic AMOLED 2X 6.9” Edge Infinity-O Display with a 120Hz refresh rate that can change according to the situation which helps conserve the battery. It also features Gorilla glass 7 the toughest glass in a smartphone ever. 

 The new upgraded S-Pen gives a very low latency that provides an incredibly realistic pen experience. It is featured as the Galaxy’s most powerful pen. You can also write with it and save your writing as a font. It also features the correction of writing and also converts it into text. 

samsung note 20 ultra vs note 20

 Another interesting thing to notice is the camera. Samsung has given a Laser Auto-Focusing Module. It also has 5x Optical Zoom with 50x Super-Resolution Zoom. It also features 8K video recording with pro-grade editing tools. 

 Another great thing included is the intelligent 4500mAh all-day-long battery. If it does runs low you can supercharge it with the included 25W super-fast charger, which lets you charge more than 50% in 30 mins. 

 It also features One UI 2.5 for simplicity, Samsung Knox built-in security to keep your data secure, Biometric authentication so that you can unlock your Galaxy with your face or finger, and Note 20 Ultra is rated IP68 water and dust resistance to keep your phone safe from splashes and also it keeps your phone safe up to 1.5 meters of water for around 30 minutes. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra needs no new intro we all know it, do we? (Samsung Note 20 Ultra)

note 20 ultra vs s20 ultra

 Now comes the real part, the comparison of which one is the beast the former or the latter… 


     Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra features a premium color and premium back that is grippy and anti-fingerprint instead of a plain glass back in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Samsung logo is also embossed whereas it was just flashing with the body. The camera module is also defined and more noticeable whereas the lenses in S20 Ultra were hardly noticeable.

The camera protrusion is enormous but the body is slimmer with a thickness of 8.1mm and the thickness of S20 Ultra is 8.8mm. The phone also weighs 213gm whereas S20 Ultra weighs about 220gm. It also features Gorilla Glass 7 whereas S20 Ultra had Gorilla Glass 6, which means 1.2X Drop resistance and 2x scratch resistance. The S20 Ultra didn’t give a look of premium but the new Note 20 Ultra does. 


     Both have 6.9” Super AMOLED QuadHD+ beautiful display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. But, a big But the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has the ability to change the refresh rate from 1 to 120Hz whereas the S20 Ultra could only change between 60 and 120Hz. Also the Note 20 Ultra is 25% brighter. S20 ultra has a peak brightness of 1200 Nits and Note 20 Ultra has a peak brightness of 1500 Nits. 


        The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra both shoot 8K videos but Note 20 Ultra has pro-grade editing tools. Both have 108MP main camera but the S20 Ultra has 100x Space zoom whereas Note 20 Ultra has a 50x superzoom but at 50x zoom the Note 20 Ultra has a clearer resolution than the S20 Ultra. Both have the 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera.

S20 Ultra had Depth-Sensor and Note 20 Ultra has Laser AF Sensor and that fixed the auto-focusing problem on the S20 Ultra. S20 Ultra has a 40MP selfie camera whereas Note 20 Ultra has a 10MP selfie camera but according to Arun (aka Mrwhosetheboss) both feel the same there is no big difference. Also S20 Ultra didn’t have that much HDR. 

Battery and Power

         The S20 Ultra has a capacity of 5000mAh whereas Note 20 Ultra has only 4500mAh. Samsung says that the battery is more efficient and intelligent (also makes sense that the display can refresh at lower rates according to needs). Moreover, S20 can be charged by 45W charger whereas Note 20 Ultra can only charge 25W max. Samsung ships its Flagship phones with two types of chipsets namely: Exynos and Snapdragon. Exynos 990 chipset is the same for both phones whereas the Note 20 Ultra has Snapdragon 865+ chipset. Also, Exynos is not battery friendly. 


     The S20 Ultra has 16GB RAM whereas Note 20 Ultra has 12GB RAM but it also starts with 256GB of storage and the S20 Ultra starts with 128GB of storage. Samsung says that RAM is cut short because of improved storage. S20 Ultra has UFS 3.0 whereas Note 20 Ultra has UFS 3.1. Which means faster storage. 


In conclusion, Note 20 Ultra is a big improvement over the last year and there are also many same features like wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Also, Note 20 Ultra has Ultra Wide Band Chip. 

Credit: Tariq zia

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