Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Hands Best On Review

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Note 20 was recently unveiled on August 5 at Samsung’s unpacked event. The Note 20 Ultra is big, bold, and brash. It comes with almost every top specs that you could want on any premium smartphone. If we talk about our first impression then it looks capable of competing with the other top smartphones of the Android crop and also with Apple’s best iPhones. For satisfaction, we will test it more thoroughly to see if it meets our expectations or not.HostGator Web Hosting

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra release date and price

Note 20 Ultra Price

As we mentioned above that Note 20 Ultra was unveiled on August 5 at Galaxy Unpacked event. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and a variety of other devices were also unveiled on that event, which includes Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

You can now pre-order the phone in the UK, and also in the US. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will officially release on August 21. The pre-ordering date of Australia is not confirmed yet.

If we talk about price, the price of the cheapest version of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is $1299 / £1,179 / AU$1,849. The base model in the US comes with a storage of 128GB while in the UK and in Australia base model has 256GB storage, both having 12GB of RAM.

The price of 512GB storage variant is $1,449 / £1,279 / AU$2,199. The 4G variant of the phone will also release but only in Australia. The price of the 4G version will be AU$1,849. You will not be able to buy the 4G version in the UK and US.

It doesn’t matter which version are you buying, but you have to pay extraordinary amounts of money for these smartphones. So you might be thinking that should you invest such a lot of amount on Note 20 Ultra or not. You have also a choice of a cheaper phone that is standard Note 20 but it comes with lesser specs.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date Price and Availability.

Samsung Watch 3 Features.

Design and display

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Display

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with a big screen. The screen size of the phone is 6.9-inch. It is the device that makes you sit back and wonder if phones really need to be this big. One good thing is that the front of the mobile is pretty much all screen. So we can say that this is nearly the overall size of the handset too.

The screen comes with a Quad HD resolution which is 3088 x 1440. It is gorgeously bright and also has curved edges at the sides. There is the smallest punch-hole camera at the top of the display for selfies.

The screen has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. This will make your screen refresh quicker than your older phone. It will give you a smoother picture while watching movies, playing games, and also simply scrolling your social media feeds.

The refresh rate of the screen will adjust dynamically depending on what you are doing on your phone. Your phone will decide that when to max out at 120Hz, and when to dial the refresh rate back to save battery. This will help in increasing your battery life.

When you will play games on your phone then the refresh rate will be at 120Hz, but while reading ebook or a web page it will drop down to a lower Hz. You shouldn’t even notice the switch between the apps. You can switch the dynamic setting off if you don’t like this idea.


As we mentioned above that Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a big device, so it might be difficult to use it with one hand.

The S Pen stylus is placed on the left side of the Note 20’s bottom edge. It is recently switched from the right side of Note phones.

Samsung also brought a few minor improvements to the S Pen for the Note 20 series. The S Pen comes with additional gestures for controlling particular functions. It also has improved latency and a nib that will allow you to write more accurately and quickly.Galaxy note 20 Ultra S Pen

The backside of the Note 20 Ultra:

The backside of the phone is made of glass. This will give you more premium feels than the Glasstic material which is used on standard Galaxy Note 20. The edges of the device are made of aluminum. These edges are less rounded than before, but it will comfortably fit in your hands. Back design

The fingerprint scanner is placed inside the display as on other recent Galaxy devices. As we mentioned that the size is big so you may need to use two hands to reach that fingerprint scanner comfortably. The device also comes with the features of IP68 water and dust resistance. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes in three different colors. The colors are Mystic Bronze, Mystic Black, and Mystic White.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera and battery

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Cameras

There are three cameras on the backside of the phone. The main camera comes with 108MP with an aperture rate of f/1.8, the second one is a telephoto lens of 12MP f/3.0, and a 12MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera. On paper, this sounds less impressive than the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In our review of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we found the similar image quality to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, albeit without the 100x Space Zoom and also with a slightly wider telephoto aperture.

There is a 10MP selfie camera is available on the front side of the phone. This is similar to the front camera of Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus, and both phones have great image quality. You can also click your selfies through S Pen, which is a perk for some people. The Note 20 Ultra comes with a battery size of 4,500mAh. It is expected that this will give you full day timing from a single charge. Although we will need to do further testing to see exactly how it performs.

One oddity thing with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is that it only supports 25W fast charging. No doubt this will help your phone charge quickly, but it is too much low than the 45W fast charging of the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Note 10 Plus.

There is also 15W wireless fast charging support is available on the device. So you will be able to charge it on a charging mat or dock, rather than having to plug it in every time.

Performance and software


The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with two different chipsets that are Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus and Exynos 990. It depends on where you are, the US versions of the phone comes with Qualcomm’s chipset, while the UK and other markets get the Exynos variants.

In our short time testing, we found that the phone performed very well. Apps were loading quickly and games booting up as easily as you’d expect on a flagship device. You will get the best performance, it doesn’t matter whether you are buying Qualcomm version or Exynos version of the phone.

You can get the 512GB storage version of Note 20 Ultra in all regions. There is also a 128GB variant of the phone is available in the US. If you don’t need too much storage and want to save some money then you can go for the 128GB variant. The base model in the UK has 256GB storage. If you need some extra storage then the Note 20 Ultra also comes with a microSD card slot that supports up to an additional 1TB of storage. The simple Note 20 has no microSD card slot.HostGator Web Hosting

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has new 5G technology in the US and UK, so you won’t be able to get a version of the phone that only has 4G. You will be able to enjoy the faster speeds if there is a 5G coverage in your area.

If you are from Australia then you will be able to get the 4G phone. NoteIf you are looking for the biggest and best Android handset, then we will recommend you to buy the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. This phone comes with some of the best specs right now, also with a bold and premium design.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Release Date Price and Availability.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is 5G?

Yes! Samsung S20 Ultra is a 5G phone. But in Australia, there is also a 4G version available.

How many cameras does the Note 20 Ultra have?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with 3 cameras on the backside which includes 108MP main camera and 12 MP of telephoto and ultra-wide cameras. On the front side, there is a punch-hole selfie camera.

How much will the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cost?

Price of 512GB storage variant is $1,449 / £1,279 / AU$2,199. The price of the 4G (Australia) version will be AU$1,849. The Price of the base model of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is $1299 / £1,179 / AU$1,849.

Is the S20 Ultra is Waterproof?

Yes! Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is waterproof. It has IP68 water and dust resistance.

What is the battery size of Note 20 Ultra?

Note 20 Ultra comes with a 4,500mAh battery size. It is expected that it will give you a full day timing.

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