PUBG Mobile Season 16 : Metro  Royal Mode Update 1.1

PUBG Mobile Season 16 : Metro Royal Mode Update 1.1

PUBG Mobile Season 16

In PUB G mobile with every new Season there comes a new model in the game that makes the game more interesting to play. This time in PUBG Mobile Season 16 Metro Royale is the newest Gaming Mode that is coming in the game.  And this mode will completely turn the game on his head.

In this article, we will talk about the Pubg Season 16 Metro Royal Map, Metro Royal game Mode, and Gear

Metro Royal  is the newest PUBG Mobile Game Mode that is now introduced in the first update 1.1

This mode also a new map that will bring a whole new twist to the game.

Here is complete detail on the model that you are supposed to know

Metro royal Map :

This map of PUBG Mobile is completely different from all the maps in the game. And due to its uniqueness in the game, the rewards of this gameplay in PUBG Mobile Season 16 is also has been kept separate from regular PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Season 16

This map in Season 16 is an apocalyptic wasteland based on underground Erangel. And the map has many areas where people will find loot and then return safely.

Metro Royal Game Mode :

The Metro Royale Game mode is a complete a whole new twist in the PUBG Mobile gameplay.

In this map, there is a twist you have just not have to kill all the opponents to be the winner in the gameplay. And to be the lone and last survivor of the game. But the twist is that you have to kill all your opponents and you also have to stack up value and findings item to return safely.

In PUBG Mobile Season 16  in the Metro Royal Game mode players will loot by raiding supplies, interacting with the NPCs, and also killing enemy NPCs.

Metro Royal Mode

In Metro Royal Game Mode players will have to return to a point in order to keep the items that they have found in the game before they are killed in the game. Players can only keep those rewards they place ina lockbox or escae with and this inventory. And these rewards are only usable in the Metro Royal Mode only. They are not usable in the Standard Battle royal modes.

Gear :

PUBG Mobile Season 16

The Metro Royal Game mode is coming with some new gear in PUBG Mobile from the latest update 1.1

This new gear includes some spike traps and some melee weapons. These weapons are lethal and destructive. Melee weapon will one-shot enemy players without a helmet. But they are not easy to aim for. Aiming is very difficult .these weapons are must weapons for those players who have got goods with them.

Pubg Season 16 Metro Royal

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