PUBG Corporation is ready to Invest $100 million in India to setup Branch office :

PUBG Corporation is ready to Invest $100 million in India-The fans of PUBG Mobile in India haven’t been smooth sailing from the last couple of months after the PUBG Mobile ban in India with 118 other Chinese applications. The PUBG Mobile was the design and managed by a Chinese company “Tencent”, that’s why PUBG Mobile got banned in India. After PUBG Mobile got banned in India, the PUBG Corporation announced, that they would take over the publishing responsibilities in India. And PUBG Corporation Invest $100 million in India and no longer authorize the franchise to Tencent Game in India.

Finally, the day has arrived!PUBG Corporation the co-founder of PUBG games that they are preparing for the release of PUBG Mobile Indian Version. The new Indian version would feature several changes to keep the data of the Indian user secure and create a  healthy gameplay environment.

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PUBG Corporation is ready to Invest $100 million to set up a Branch office in India:

PUBG Corporation also added a press release that they would be going to invest $100 million to set up a branch office in India to get more interaction with the Indian gaming community and promote the development of Indian Video games and esports. The investment would be the largest among Korean Companies, excluding manufacturings.

The company also announced that they would hire more than 100 employees in India with expertise in different fields including- game development, business, sport, and more.

Moreover, the company had a press release that the company has to plains to partner with local companies in India to provide improved game services. The PUBG Corporation had also planned to invest in hosting a professional sports league exclusive for India.

This news is great for the Indian PUBG Mobile fans and Player as the game is not only back in India and also comes with a lot of Investment.


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