Top 10 Online Shopping Websites In Pakistan

Ecommerce Business and E-Commerce websites in Pakistan are growing day by day. Now a lot of offline businesses are converted into online businesses and growing rapidly. Moreover, people are earning heavy money with this online business. There are a lot of online businesses along with online shopping websites in Pakistan. But in this article, I will tell you the top 7 best Shopping sites in Pakistan. You can get every single daily use item from these sites, and these ones are the most famous E-Commerce sites in Pakistan.

If we look back in 2018 or 2019, most of the businesses in Pakistan are offline. At that time there are no online shopping websites in Pakistan. Now a lot of Entupneur and Public Speakers in 2020 educate people about online business. And they are trying to diverge the mind of people E-commerce side. And the results od 2020 shows that majority of people in Pakistan buy their daily use item online from Pakistan best online selling websites.

Top 7 online shopping sites in Pakistan 2020

1- Daraz is one of the oldest and most famous E-commerce sites in Pakistan. According to an estimate, over 10 million unique visitors visit every single week. There are millions of daily used items, so you can search for any item which you want here. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of Daraz which creates a lot of ease in shopping. You can read other buyers’ s reviews, see their ratings, and a lot more.

pakistani online selling sites makes partnerships that a lot of bug companies to create the best opportunities for their customers. The good news is, is totally ads-free website. You wouldn’t see any single ad on this e-commerce site. Daraz also has its Android/iOS app which gives you a lot of free gifts on special occasions. You can also see the latest and best deals on its app. And this is the best online shopping websites in Pakistan.

2- Telemart

Telemart is another growing E-commerce site in Pakistan. And it’s the competitor of Daraz, both the online shopping platforms are quite the same. On Telemart you will get some high-quality products as compare to But on Telemart the prices of products are also quite high.

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Telemart is an online platform with 23 years of success in the field of mobile phones and consumer electronics from all the leading brands. So if you are looking for some electronic products to buy then Telemart is the best online shopping website In Pakistan. There are also a lot of products and daily use items, but Telemart is famous due to its high-quality electronics products.

3- IShopping

IShopping. Pk gives you a vast variety of electronic products and this one is best online shopping websites in Pakistanelectronics. Especially this E-commerce site is famous due to the variety and quality of Smartphones. This platform gives its services to science in 2011. And it is considered the leading E-commerce brand of Pakistan. The platform offers the most common and branded merchandise with the latest and high-quality products.

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You will find a vast variety of Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, different gaming console, and other home electronic appliances. Moreover, there are also fashion, accessories, jewelry, beauty items, and other daily used items. You will find a lot of variety here but the cost of items is a bit high as compare to daraz items. But if we compare the quality of items with Daraz then quality is much better than Daraz.

4- HomeShopping.Pk

One of the mature and famous E-commerce platforms, and has the ability to compete with a lot of big E-commerce brands. It comes to number fourth position in the list of the Pakistani E-commerce site with 900,000 visitors per month.


This brand has a lot of experience in online selling so it has done a lot better with some marketing and brand promotions. HomeShopping.PK has a huge variety of products, you will find a vast amount of electronics products. Especially this site is also famous for mobile phones. Sometimes you would also get some big discounts on some Mobile phone brands. You can also install its Android/iOS app and see their latest offers.

5- Goto

Goto is one of the most trusted and leading E-commerce brands in Pakistan. That gives you a lot of discounts and special offers. This is a perfect online shopping website in Pakistan with a more secure and convenient shopping experience. Their marketing strategy and brand promotion are outstanding. You will find a lot of products with premium quality on this E-commerce platform.


I personally love this platform because of their premium quality products. Although their rates are a bit high on some items their item’s quality is superb. Goto has developed a very unique shopping experience for the Public of Pakistan. And over several years online shopping in Pakistan is growing because of such brands.

6- Shopon

Shopon.PK is another reliable online shopping platform in Pakistan. Shopon is not only an online shopping store in Pakistan, but it’s another level of experience. The best thing about this platform is, you can directly contact them on their WhatsApp number and they will suddenly reply to you. There are a lot of premium products are avaliable with special discounts and offers.


This very trusted website you can buy high-cost products from this site. And they will give you 100% original quality products that will satisfy you. Moreover, Shopon.PK is also famous for its different types of gift cards and premium digital products and keys. Like you can buy Google Play Gift, PlayStations memberships, Xbox Games, and such other things. This site is also very famous for DSLR, SLR, and expensive lenses.

7- Symbios.PK

Oline shopping in pakistan is another popular brand and the best online shopping websites in Pakistan for electronics products. The brand is also well known for its Chinese gadgets and accessories. Symbios.PK has a very decent selection of products and other daily home base items. About 570,000 visitors come to this platform per month. The marketing and other promotional campaigns of this brand are quite slow as compared to other E-commerce brands in Pakistan. But still, they get 70% of their traffic from Organic search and other visits from Social Media Platforms.


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