OnePlus Nord Lite Release Date, Price, News and Leaks

The OnePlus Nord launch date was 21 July 2020 and people were going crazy for this phone. However, it did not get a global release. It was only released in Europe and in some regions of Asia. Now OnePlus confirmed that another Nord branded phone will land in the US this year (named might be OnePlus Nord Lite).

The company has not shared any details about the new Nord phone. Leaks are coming about new OnePlus Nord Lite that it will be more affordable than the standard OnePlus Nord.

Because OnePlus did not confirm anything yet so we can’t say anything exactly. OnePlus should retain the essentials that make phones likable. We want a phone with a high refresh rate display, a clean software experience, fast charging, and also with multiple cameras.

The name of the phone is also unclear so far because OnePlus did not confirm the name yet. Some leaks that are coming about the new phone suggested that the name could be OnePlus Aurora, while some of them refer to it as the OnePlus Nord Lite.

Besides the name, we also heard other leaks about the phone which you will find below.

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OnePlus Nord Lite release date and price

OnePlus Nord Lite Release Date

The company did not confirm the release time of the new phone. OnePlus only said that it will launch later this year, but there are not many months left in this year. Chun who is a Twitter tipster tweeted that the OnePlus Nord Lite may launch at the end of September in India.

However, Chun’s tweet does not mention the name of Nord’s phone. He just refers to the OnePlus phone so there is a possibility that he may be talking about another handset altogether.

There is also a possibility that the OnePlus Nord Lite could release with the OnePlus 8T series. OnePlus 8T series may also land in September based on past form but it could also land in October or November.

If we talk about the price of the new OnePlus Nord, then the source above listed a price of 16,000 – 18,000 in India. In other regions, the price would be around $230 / £175 / AU$320. This price is almost £379 / Rs 28,000 less than the starting price of the OnePlus Nord.

These prices are not confirmed by the company. The new OnePlus Nord Lite is a fair bit cheaper than the OnePlus Nord.

Leaks and Rumors:

Design and display of OnePlus Nord Lite

Nord Display

We can’t say much about the new Nord Lite because the company did not reveal it so far but if it does indeed launch under that name then it will likely be similar to the standard Nord.

Moreover, it is also unclear till now that whether the phone will come with Nord’s glass back or with a plastic back. We will not surprise if it moves to plastic due to its cheaper price.

Leaks are coming about the new Nord’s display that it will come with a 6.44-inch 1080 x 2400 screen size. So you can expect upgrades or downgrades with these lines.

OnePlus has mentioned that all of its new phones will come with a high refresh rate too. So if OnePlus do no exception then the new Nord Lite could be the most affordable phone with a 90Hz panel.

The other exciting thing that you may see in the OnePlus Nord Lite will be an AMOLED display. The last phone of OnePlus with LCD was OnePlus 2 from 2015. But this not confirmed this possibility because AMOLED is an expensive panel so, OnePlus can go back to the LCD panel for the Nord Lite.




OnePlus Nord Performance

In the case of performance, things get complicated because we heard multiple different chipsets from the different sources that we have. The OnePlus Nord was first rumored to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chipset.

Another source claims that the Nord Lite could come with cheaper chipset like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 or with the Snapdragon 665. Both chipsets did not support 5G technology.

If we talk about RAM and storage, a source claimed that OnePlus Nord Lite will come with 6GB of RAM and at least 64 GB storage. We would be surprised if OnePlus dropped the storage from 64 GB even for the Nord Lite.

Camera and Battery

OnePlus Nord Lite battery

The standard OnePlus Nord comes with a lot of cameras, four on the backside, and two on the front. We don’t know yet what will Nord Lite offer. It is expected that due to the low price the number will drop. The quality might also drop too, with the 48MP main camera potentially being replaced. These are just expectations so take it as a pinch of salt.

If we talk about the battery, then the exact capacity is not leaked yet, however charging speed has already leaked.

A certification on the TUV Rheinland website listed a new 18W charger from OnePlus company. The standard OnePlus Nord comes with 30W charging. This decrease in charging speed is due to the low price of OnePlus Nord Lite.

These are all the Leaks and rumors that we know so far.

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