New Microsoft Xbox Series S Price and Specs 2020

Microsoft’s next gaming console is going to launch soon with a more powerful and updated feature. There is a lot of competition between the Xbox series X and PS5, but the new Xbox series S will beat every gaming console in the world. Now finally Microsoft reveals the Xbox Series S Price and its specs, and it looks that the new features are mind-blowing.

Xbox Series S targets 1080p to 1440p gaming

According to the reports, the new Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever with more updated features. According to the Xbox official news Xbox series S price is very affordable, it will cost $299. You can not get any gaming console with such a price rate having a lot of features.


Xbox Series S Specs

WalkingCat on twitter has leaked some of the major features of Xbox Series S. A rumor suggests that this new gaming console has 4 teraflops but it is not confirmed yet. But the most interesting thing in Xbox Series S is that it runs games up the 1440p resolution at 120fps.

The New Xbox console will deliver variable-rate shading and a refresh rate, and that’s very perfect for people with TVs that support refresh rate up to 60Hz. Xbox Seris S is also able to deliver ray-tracing, 4K media streaming, and upscaling for games which is another best feature.

If we talk about memory there is 512GB SSD storage which is quite good for a $299 console. You can play a lot of modern games on it due to its large storage capacity. But we expected that there will be 1TB of storage space.

Xbox Series S Price

Price is one of the most important factors in all consoles. And this time Microsoft tries to launch a more affordable Xbox with better features. New Xbox Series S price is about $299 making it the cheapest Xbox. And makes it cheaper as compared to PS5 and Xbox Series X. You can access major Xbox games with Xbox Game pass which will cost $25 a month. Still, now Microsoft hasn’t revealed any deals related to Xbox Series S pre-ordering. We will let you soon about this.

Xbox Series S Release Date

Microsoft confirmed that its new gaming console will be launched on November 10. You need to wait for just one month.

What To Know:

  • Xbox Series S price will be $299.
  • It will be launched on November 10.
  • Xbox Series S have AMD CPU and GPU with 512 SSD.
  • 1440 gaming at 120fps, all-digital console, rat-tracing.
  • Variable refresh rate, 4K upcycling, and media playback.

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