New Intel Core i9 10850K Processor came to Market Amazing

intel core i9 10850K

Intel adds a new Intel Core i9 10850K processor to its family. This processor is similar to a previous 10 core 10900K. In the i9 series, 10850K is one of the more budget-friendly processors. This chip is clocked 100MHz slower than the 10900K in every aspect, from the base to turbo clocks.

As mention, Intel has unleashed some new budget Celeron chips which increase clock speed slightly over the previous model. The new Celerons are the G5925, G5905T, G5905.

Intel Core i9 10850K Featuers

New Intel 10850K processor will be able to deliver better than 97% of the 10900k’s processor performance. 100MHz is a very small difference so you can ignore it. Aside from Clock speed, this new processor offers the same fully 10-core configuration as the Intel 10900K, along with will Comet Lake’s full UHD 630 integrated GPU.

The new processor also offers the same Thermal Velocity of 5.20GHz. But this time on-board cache is to increase from 2MB to 4MB. There are 10 cores and 20 Threads in this chip. The chip offers an amazing Base frequency of 3.60 GHz. This one is nominally a 125 Watt TDP processor.

The processor will support maximum memory size up to 128 GB, and Type DDR4-2933 which is the latest and very powerful RAM in the market. Core i9 10850K comes with UHD graphics 630 like all 10th series process. The graphics base frequency is 350 MHz and the maximum dynamic frequency is 1.20 GHz. Like the previous latest generations, intel core-i9 10850K also supports 4K resolution at 60Hz.

core i9
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The overall features of chips are unremarkable, Intel always tries to satisfy its users so this time company also brings a budget-friendly Chip. If we talk about price, Core-i9 10850K is $35 less as compare to Core-i9 10900K. This means this new chip will be available at $453.

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