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After Windows 10 launch Microsoft declares that window 10 is the last version of windows. But now different rumors suggest that Microsoft will be going to launch new Microsoft Windows 11. According to some news and rumors, Windows 11 is the newest generation of the legendary Windows OS. This new Windows takes your navigation system to the next level with a new design, amazing features, and very optimize performance.


This new Windows 11 comes with a much better and beautiful GUI (Graphical User Interface). The Windows contains dozen of built-in apps “Universal apps”. These apps are designed in such a manner that they can perform functions across multiple Microsoft product families including tablets, PCs, smartphones, Xbox One, and Surface Hubs.

Window 11 features

An Amazing Graphics Theme

New Microsoft Windows 11 comes with an amazing theme. This theme really enhances the beauty of your Microsoft device. The new Windows 11 theme aimed to make Windows more fluid and animated.

Start Menu

Now you have an impressive Start menu in this new Windows, the start menu is fully customizable. You can edit the Start menu according to your per requirements. You can also resize it to manage the screen layout of impressive dynamic Live Tiles tiles.

Moreover, there is a new Hybrid pc support. Now your device automatically detects when the device is transferred to another, and this feature automatically optimizes the display to operate in the appropriate mode.

More Secure

This new Windows 11 comes with an advanced device Guard, which provides very strong protection against different malware and viruses. Previous Windows 10 also has a very amazing Windows defender, but this time the security level is outclassed.

Cortana Voice Assistant

This time Cortana also upgrades gives you a very perfect Voice assistant. Cortana is decoupled from the start menu and now directly integrates into the taskbar.

Windows 11 Release date

There is a lot of fake news and different rumors about Windows 10, which claims that the new Windows OS will be launch on July 29, 2020. Which I think is totally fake news.Because Microsoft officially didn’t announce the exact date.

Now Question arises When will Windows 11 launch?

I think the answer to this question is never. Because According to official news and reports, there will not be any Windows 11 but the concept of this new OS is being heavily populated on the internet. Different reports claim that Microsft will design their further new OS.

Now Microsoft will not launch any further operating system as I already mentioned above. Because Microsoft doesn’t wish to enforce people on buying the new Windows. Instead, the company works on improving the current Windows 10, and you can see a lot of updates in Windows 10 OS.

windows 11 download

Beaware Of fake Windows 11 selling sites

Now on the name of this fake news different cheaters sites sales windows 11 which is actually the WIndows 10.

Now you are thinking that when will these new Windows arrive? You can expect a new version of Microsoft OS but remember this is your current Windows 10 comes with changes but not entirely new windows.


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