How to Use WhatsApp Payment Feature to Send Or Receive Money

whatsapp payment

With the Whatsapp Payment method, you can easily send or receive money. It is as easy as sending messages to your friends. Still, now this feature is avaliable in India and after a few times, the WhatsApp payment feature will also be launched in Pakistan and other neighboring countries.

Note: To use the WhatsApp payment method your WhatsApp must be updated and your WhatsApp number should be the same as that number that is linked to your bank account. In this article, I will show you how you can send or receive money via the new WhatsApp payment method.

How to Setup the WhatsApp Payment Method

  • Open your WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • In Settings, you will see a new option named Payments, tab on it
  • After you have selected your bank, you will need to verify your phone number. Tab Verify
  • Now you need to wait for the verification process. Once it has done your bank details will be added below Payment methods.

Now once your payment method has the setup you can send or receive money to your friends. By following these steps you can send money to your WhatsApp contacts.

  • Open your Whatsapp chat and tab the attachment icon.`
  • Tab on Payment and enter your desire amount which you want to send and hit enter.
  • Enter UPI pin to complete the payment.

With WhatsApp payment, you can also send money to those people who use other UPI apps such as Google Pay or PhonePe. just follow these steps to send money to other UPI apps users.

  • Open your WhatsApp > go to Settings > Payments
  • Go to New payments > Send to a UPI ID > enter the UPI ID > hit verify
  • After verification enter your desire amount and enter
  • Now the last step, enter your UPI pin to complete the payment.

Moreover, you can also send a request to your WhatsApp contacts who have not yet registered with WhatsApp payments.

  • Open WhatsApp chat > tap attachment icon > Payment
  • Now, tab Notify, it will let other contacts know about the new payment feature.

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