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How to Use Dark Mode On Google Chrome

Google Chrome dark mode is a new look for the browser. It replaces the usual white color scheme of the browser with the shades of black and gray. It is very easy to use.

Nowadays, all apps are launching dark mode for their users. Android 10 also comes with dark mode. There are a few reasons to use Chrome dark mode. When you are using mobiles you need to save our battery life. The phone’s screen uses a lot of power. Google confirmed in 2018, that the apps with dark interfaces use less power than usual.

The blue light of the screen also affects your ability to sleep. The lake of sleep is very dangerous for your health because it causes many diseases.

If you don’t how you can use dark mode on Chrome then we will guide you on this.

How to enable Chrome dark mode for Windows 10

Google Dark mode

Follow the steps below if you want to enable the dark mode in Windows 10.

  1. First of all, enter the ‘Settings’ menu. Select ‘Personalization’ then click ‘Colors’ and scroll down to the switch ‘Choose your default app mode’.
  2. Change your default app mode to Dark and all apps with a dark mode, including Google Chrome will change to the darker interface.

Chrome dark mode fo macOS

  1. First of all, you need to open ‘System Preferences’.
  2. Now, click on ‘General’, and then select ‘Appearance’.
  3. After that, select the ‘Dark’ option.
  4. After completing all the steps, all the apps with a dark mode will change to the darker interface.


Dark mode for Android

The dark mode of Chrome in Android is still an experimental feature. So remember that you may find some bugs in design elements.

If you want to enable the dark mode in the Android devices then follow the steps below.

  1. Firstly, you need to enter chrome://flags 
    in the address bar of your browser
  2. Now, tap the ‘Search flags’ box and enter the work dark. You will find two options here. One is ‘Android web contents dark mode’ and the other will be ‘Android Chrome UI dark mode’.
  3. If you select the first one, then all websites with a dark version will turn into dark mode. While if you select the second option then the Chrome itself will turn dark.
  4. Now, tap the drop-down menu under each option and change the settings to ‘Activated’.  After that restart Chrome.
  5. Now, open the Settings menu, then tap ‘Themes’ and choose ‘Dark’. If there is no Themes option, then again restart Chrome.

Dark mode for iPhones and iPads

Google Chrome didn’t release the dark mode on iOS so far. The work is in progress and in the next update of the browser, it may release. We will update this article when it arrives. Keep visiting us.


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