How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4 -Streaming on Twitch from your PC or computer might not be the absolute perfect option for you. Many of the players like’s to play their games on consoles. Maybe you prefer to watch live streaming on your consoles. A lot of people do this but it is not that shocking that use devices for streaming and watching. And this might be because you don’t want to go through that hectic process of setting up a gaming PC. When there are perfectly good consoles that you can use for gaming and streaming.

For so many reasons console users are similar to twitch and streaming. The fact is that Death stands and Days are gone, because two games of the console made it to the top new games in 2019. Here is How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

How to stream to Twitch from a PS4 :

If someone is willing to join the less crowded space of Console streaming. Here is how to set up your PS4 after you have created your Twitch account and afterward enabled your 2 FA

Set your PS4 for Streaming :

There are some settings you should give some attention to before you turn on your game and connect to your Twitch account.

Make sure that HDCP is Enabled :

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

You will find this option under the setting system. You would have to turn on these settings. When watching content from other services that include Netflix on your PS4.But when you start streaming it should be turned off

Set up your Devices :

First, go to settings and find devices. In devices, you can find options for audio devices as well as you can find play stations Camera. This is the place where you can adjust your microphone or headsets’ level.PlayStation does not support webcam other than the PlayStation camera.

Audio Sharing :

When you will launch your stream press your share button on your controller and go to your settings of broadcasting and sharing. This is where you will enable the sound from your microphone to broadcast.

Enable Chat :

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

In your sharing and broadcast setting, you can also check  the Display Message to spectators ” comments” to enable your chat


Connect Your PS4 to Account :

PS4 2

When you click on the share button on your controller. You see the option to broadcast your gameplay. Then Playstation will ask you which platform do you want to use and after selecting Twitch. You will connect your PS4 to your Twitch account.

You can also do this by another method and here is the second method :

Scan the QR code you see on your screen

Go to twitch .tv from your smartphone or your PC and enter the code you see on your screen

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

Final check and Start Streaming :

 When you will connect your PS4 to your Twitch account you will be able to give a name to your stream. After naming your stream enable your camera that you have connected to it and select your output quality. After all this, you will be able to live stream to Twitch from your Play station.

This process to stream from PS4 is an easy process. You are not forced to install the Twitch app. But you will need this app if you are looking to watch other streamers stream.


 How to stream on twitch from XBOX :

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

Xbox is a console that does not have the native Twitch support that other consoles have. Xbox is a device that is being developed by Microsoft. And Microsoft is the company that owns Twitch’s biggest competitor named “Mixer”.  So that is the reason that if you want to stream on twitch using your Xbox. Your journey starts in the Xbox Store.

Twitch App :

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

Go to the store in your Xbox and search the official Twitch app and install it in your console.

Connect app to your account :

Xbox 3

The same goes for Xbox as was with the PS4.After running the app for the first time. You will get a six-digit code you will enter the code manually at activate .You will need a computer or a phone to visit this site.

Connect your devices :

You can utilize any ordinary webcam with an Xbox One, and you can likewise utilize outer amplifiers and headsets. Associate everything to your Xbox, and ensure the amplifier and webcam are empowered in the settings. You’ll additionally need to calibrate some different settings, so head over to Settings > Account > Privacy and Online Safety > Xbox Live Privacy > View Details and Customize, and afterward:

Go to Game Content and permit the “You can communicate interactivity” and “You can share content made utilizing Kinect or another camera” choices.

In Online Status and History, select “Everyone” under “Others can check whether you’re on the web.”

Name Stream and start broadcasting :

How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4

After all the steps name your stream you will launch your streaming and dive into these deep oceans

These were all the steps on How to stream on Twitch on Xbox And PS4.

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