How To Renew Driving License Online In Pakistan 2020

renew driving license online in Pakistan-If you learned driving and want to apply for a driving license In Pakistan. Then it’s quite an easy and simple process. Now apply and renew of driving license in Pakistan is becoming automated. This means you can online apply or renew your driving license from any city in Pakistan. You just need to send an online application.

Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) has introduced the Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS). This is actually a website where you can submit your application for renewal as well as for apply. In this article, I will tell you a quick way to renew a driving license online in Pakistan 2020 as well as I will also tell you how to apply for a driving license In Pakistan.

Diving license online renewal and apply in Pakistan 2020

On DLIMS their multiple forms, you need to download the required form. In this article, I will tell about renewal and apply.

dlims renew driving license online in Pakistan

How to Download Driving Renewal From Online

  •  Go to the DLIMS website you don’t need to log in
  •  On the top right corner you will see the download option just click on it, and if you are on Mobile then go to menus and tap Download.
  •  In the Download section, you will see multiple Driving License forms. Just Download Driving License Renewal Form.

How to Download Regular Driving License From Online

  •  Go to the DLIMS website
  •  On the top right corner you will see the download option just click on it, and if you are on Mobile then go to menus and tap Download
  •  In the Download section, you will see the Regular Driving License form. Click on Download to get this form.
    The process to Submit these Driving License forms
  •  Fill out your required Form/Document
  •  Then submit that form to the nearest licensing Centre.
  •  If you are new and applied for a driving license, then you need to give an initial theoretical test after a licensing period of 42 days. But if you apply for renewal then your license will be renewed after a few weeks.

Necessary Documents for Permanent Driving License in Pakistan

  • First of all your application form E enclosed in a cover
  •  Two copies of your CNIC (Attested)
  •  Three copies of your Passport-size Photos (Attested)
  •  Medical Certificate (In 2020 DLIMS also added this)
  •  You need to Paste a Ticket of Mentioned Fee on License Document.
  •  Slip to deposit Rs.100 in any branch of Habib Bank (Account Number = 01277901547301)(For Lahore)

Required Documents For Renewal of License (renew driving license online in Pakistan)

  •  Your Application Form E with Filecover
  •  2 Photo Graph Passport Size
  •  1 Copy of CNIC
  •  Expired Driving License
  •  Medical Report
  •  A Ticket of Relevant License.

There are no charges for renewal of license within one month, but after one month and before 90 days you will be charged will 50% fine. And after 90 days you need to pay a 100% fine.

diving lisense online renewal in pakistan

A Quick Advice

For submitting your application form the best time is in the morning Because there is no much traffic at that time. After the entrance, you will be guided by and you need to get two forms one is an application form and the second one is a medical form. If you download your Driving license form online then you need to fill it and just require a medical form.

Now You need to go towards the medical fee submission counter which stamps the form as fee-paid. When your forms are ready, documents are attached and the medical fee is paid. Then next go to the information counter to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Now your next step is to move towards the Data entry counter and submit your form to the desk officer. Sit down on a bench and wait for your name announcement. When your turns will come staff will confirm your details through your real CNIC, which includes your name, address, and phone, etc.

After confirmation stands will handover your application to you. Now you need to move to the medical assessment room where you need to give a reading test for both the eyes separately. Then you need to submit a fee on the stamp counter.

In the final step go to the lamination counter and handover your forms to them they issue you an entry-chit which is required to proceed with the license photo-booth. Once your photo is clicked, go to the lamination counter and they put on their register. You need to wait for a while then after some time they call your name and you will receive your renewed license.

The whole process takes approximately 90 minutes or maybe less.

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