How To Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020

One of the main things behind the game of live streaming for both the consumer and the creator ends is content accessibility. How to Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020 all you should have is an internet connection. And a device with a display to watch the live streaming. There are a huge numbers of people that have access to both things and that is a good thing fro your career.

For you to become a content creator . Bar are set  higher .If you want to become a successful streamer in your career.But this will take a litte more effort  and more willingness to get your feet stable in the streaming industry. Here are some steps on How To Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020 .


1 : Must have knowledge of the content you want to stream

The time has passed when Twitch was only a video game streaming platform .But now twitch has now become home for different categories of content . But for know don’t think about the things you can stream on Twitch . For now only understand one thing that content of different type require different gear .

This is not the only reason to go into Twitch with a plan . There are many reason that we will talk about later .But to go with  a plan makes sense because of the many practical implications.

For you to understand better here is an example this will help you to understand it quickly .For you to create a good content on ASMR you are required to have a quality microphone at least or you can even have a specialized gear such as the 3Dio Free Space binaural microphone . This gear is not available on local stores and by chance if it is there it will be of a very high price . That is the thing you should plan for before streaming .

2 : Set up your gear

As a streamer it might make sense that using a minimum gear is perfect for a stream . You will think that you can cast whatever on your screen. This will let you feel that you don’t need a webcam .You can try to interact with your audience via chat so you don’t need  a microphone.

But you will find that  it is very important to use both of them without these no body is going to like the stream.

Before you would start streaming and setting up the streaming software . Make sure that all the hardware that is needed is connected and ready to start the journey .By  this I mean that your webcam should be ready .And your microphone is also connected. If your plan is to add an additional LED to your setup  or you are trying to use a green screen this is the time to get it ready .

3 : Install and connect the Software

You can use any of the software  that i have mentioned earlier . And these software works very well on twitch . And for this guide i will use OBS studio fro giving examples and some explanations as well. After installing the OBS studio ,Studio will ask you to whether to run or not run the configuration wizard . You might select the option of manual setup. This will get you acquainted with some of the aspects od live streaming .

For beginners  you would want to head to file>setting>stream in the OBS studio. Then choose “Twitch”  as your service.  After this you can either connect your twitch account to oBS studio or you can connect Twitch using stream keys .

How To Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020


You will just need the login information for your Twitch account . For the latter you should head over to twitch .Then go to your settings then go to channels and vedios . After all this copy the primary stream keys you see there . Paste these stream keys into your obs studio and after this your are done with this .

4 Add the video and audio source :

Everything that you would want to broadcast in your stream has to have a source in your OBS studio .The microphone that you are using is a source .And the game you want to play is one too .An the thing that you are seeing in the webcam and whatever is in your desktop .If you want to show it .you have to add it as a source.

One of the great thing about the OBS studio is the most of the time it will recognize your audio source .And if it does not does it you can go to file  and then to settings and go to Audio and then find the device you want to use for audio .

How To Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020


As for the video source go . You would find the source fields in the OBS studio main panel. By just clicking the Add ” + ” button .You will open a menu that lets you add a variety of sources .That includes games your desktop , your web images  . Keep this in your mind that the source appears on the screen just as they appear in the source box on top of one another . Moving a source up on the list will make it visible on the top of other sorces.

twitch 4 article


5 Find streaming Stting that best works for you  :

The streaming settings you would want for Twitch will depend on the upload bandwidth .And also the power of the encoder you are using . And also the type of  content that you want to broadcast .

The higher the bandwidth and a powerful processor and to encode all these things translate in to higher quality settings .

In case you’re searching for hard numbers, Twitch’s own guide would be a decent spot to begin. There, you’ll discover that for an essential 720p@30fps stream, you’ll need a bitrate of around 3000 kbps. In the event that you look into a list of good transfer speeds for streaming, you’ll see that this means around 5 Mbps transfer speed.

These are the steps on How To Live Stream On Twitch From Pc in 2020


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