How to Find and Add People on Snapchat Best Way 2020

how to search username on snapchat

Snapchat is another growing social media app that has a built-in camera with more beautiful filters and looks. On Snapchat users are able to share their pictures and videos with their friends. You can make friends, see other’s profiles, and share photos with others. A lot of celebrities are using this app for taking beautiful photos. Snapchat is the perfect app for taking selfies. Moreover, it’s quite confusing for beginners to add friends on Snapchat. But don’t worry in this article I will show you how to find people on Snapchat and add them to their friend list.

Definitely, you will enjoy Snapchat if you are connected with more people. And if you don’t know how to search for people on Snapchat then don’t worry this article is for you. Well, it’s quite easy to search for people on Snapchat and add them to their friend list.

If you know the username or phone number of your friend then there is no problem for you to search. But if you don’t know the username or phone number then there are also a couple of ways to find someone on Snapchat.

How to Add Phone Contacts to Snapchat

  • Open your Snapchat app and login to your account by using your phone number.
  • From the top left corner of your screen, tap your profile icon, which may appear as Bitmoji.
  • Now just below your profile information, tap on the “Find friends on Snapchat” button.

how to get someone's snapcode online

  • This option will automatically sync all your contacts (that also have Snapchat account) are added to your friend list.

  • Any of your Contact who are not on Snapchat can be invited by tapping the “invite button” next to their profile name.

How to Search Someone by their Snapchat username

It’s quite easy to search any of your friend’s usernames on Snapchat just follow these two simple steps.

  • Open your Snapchat app and log in to it by using your phone number.
  • Now at the top, you will see a search bat, tap on it and write your friend’s username.

how to search username on snapchat

  • Once you see your friend’s username you can add it to your friend list and share your photos and videos with them.

How to Scan User’s Snapchat

Finding people on Snapchat with Snapbar code is really simple. Every Snapchat user have unique Snapcode, which is helpful to connect which your friends and love ones. QR code can be scanned in the app to find that user and add them nimmediately.

  • First of all open your Snapchat, then signup your account by unsing your phone number. If you have already loged in then follow these to add your friend vis Snapchat QR code.

snapchat barcode

  • In Snapchat go to camera mode (screen which displays the camera for you to take photos ot videos).
  • Now other user needs to open their Snapchat app and find their snapcode by tapping on their profile icon in the upper left side.
  • Now scan that code with your snapcamera and hold your phone for few seconds.
  • If you see your friend’s username, just add them in to your friend list.

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