How to Enable Data Saver Mode on Android TV?

How to Enable Data Saver Mode on Android TV?


Android TVs come with a high-resolution screen and few of them have 4Kor 8K display which uses a huge amount of data. So in order to reduce data and save data on Android TV, Google has finally launched a new Data saver mode on Android TV. This new Data Saver feature is now avaliable in Xiaomi, TCL, and MarQ TVs currently but soon it will be avaliable all over the world for every Android TV. According to Google, it will enable you to watch 3 times more content while keeping the same data consumption.

The most interesting feature is the new Data saver mode which you will see under the Network and Internet option from the settings that can be enabled while connected to a hotspot. But unfortunately, these features are only avaliable for Android 9 and its up version. If you have an older version of Android then you need to use a third-party app to access this feature. Data Saver Mode on Android TV is really helpful for those people who have limited data package or their data packages are too much expensive.

How to enable Data saver mode on Android TV?

  • If you have Android TV running on Android 9 or above, then you can easily turn on Data saver mode on your Android TV. Just go to Settings > Network and Internet.

how to turn on data saver mode on android tv

  • This will show you your Connected Wifi and some other settings, Under Other Options you will see the “Data Save” option

data saver on android tv

  • Now from here, you can turn on your Data saver mode on Android TV, you can also set data alerts. So after reaching a certain limit of your data you will receive a toast notification.

data saver mode in android tv

Having lower Android Version

If you don’t have Android 9 then you can’t able to access this feature. But don’t worry you can use a third-party app to access this feature. Google brought the Data saver feature in the setting by using a new app called Android TV Data Saver. The app is totally free and can install on Android TVs. You can install this app from your Play Store.

  • Open your Play Store and search for “Android TV Data Saver”.

data saving mode on android tv

  • Now install this app. After installation, you will see the same Data Saver mode on Android TV in Network & Internet option. You need the same process to turn on your Data saver mode as for Android 9 TV.

By following these simple steps you can enable data saver mode on your Android TV. Android TV updates are very gradual and depend on the manufacturer, so Google has taken a responsibility to insert this feature into an app. So in-case of you don’t have latest Android versino then sill this app works fine.

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