Things to do before leaving Google account :

Suppose you have been using the account for a long time.  You will have some data that you will need to save. Such as email photos or some notes. If these things are not that large in numbers then you can download them individually. But this will be difficult but google gives us a simple way to back up our data.

  • Open the Google Account Settings.
  • Then go to your ” Data & personalization ” by using the menu given on the left or by finding the “Privacy & personalization ” section on the Main Page.
  • Go down to “Delete, download, or a plan for data”.
  • There you will find a list of Google services linked with your account. Now you can download them individually. Everything is automatically selected by default.
  • Here you have the option to get a link through email or to save the things in the cloud services such as drive, one drive, or dropbox.
  • It will depend on how much time it should take to save the information is being achieved.

Steps On How To Delete Google Account :

Step 1 :

Sign in to your account on

How To Delete Google Account

Step 2 :

Then click on the  ” Delete Google Account and Data ”

Step 3 :

Enter the password to confirm that you are deleting your account

Step 4 :

This step is optional if you want to download your Data to save the data from being permanently erased

How To Delete Google Account and Gmail

Step 5 :

Check all the box and select ” Delete my account ”


How To Delete Google Account

These are the steps on How To Delete Google Account

How to Delete Gmail account :

Step 1:

Sign in to  your Gmail account

Step 2 :

Click on the Grid icon in the upper right corner and select  account

How To Delete Google Account and Gmail

Step 3 :

Under the “Account preference ” section just click ” Delete account or services “.\

Step 4 :

Choose ” Delete Products ”

How To Delete Google Account and Gmail

Step 5 :

Enter Your password to confirm that it’s you

Step 6 :

its an optional step to save any important data or information fro being erased permanently

Step 7 :

Click on the trash icon that is next to the Gmail icon

Step 8 :

Give an alternate Email address to sign in to the google account

Step 9 :

Select the send verification

Step 10 :

Go to the email address that you have used as an alternative address to your google account

Step 11 :

Follow the deletion link that is in the msg

Step 12 :

If you do this step login to the mail account that you want to delete

Step 13 :

Then Click on “Yes” I want to delete the account

Step 14 :

Delete Gmail and then click Done

Your Gmail account will be deleted and now you can use your alternate address to log in to you Google Account

According to Google Account Help, “If you use Gmail through your work, school, or another group, contact your administrator.” The administrator of the account is the only one who can delete the Gmail account.”

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