How To Change Facebook Username & FB Page Username

Facebook is one of the most famous and powerful social media platforms, and also a powerful platform for social media marketing. Your username on Facebook has a high priority because your username represents your identity. Username displays in front of your friends, on your chats. Facebook usernames can help people to search your profile among the billions of Facebook profiles. So should keep your Facebook username unique so that anyone can easily search your profile. In this article, we will show you how to change the Facebook username in an easy way.

How to reset/change Facebook username

Although Facebook assigns a username when someone creates a Facebook account. But you can also change this Facebook username. Remember, choose your Facebook username very cleverly because once to choose your desire username then you can’t change again in the next 60 days.

Follow these steps to change Facebook username

1- Firstly login to your Facebook account if you are not logged in.

how to change facebook username

2-  Then go to “Settings & Privacy” by click on the little triangle option at that top right corner.

3-  In “Settings & Privacy” option click on “Settings”

how to change facebook username

4- This option will take you to the next page. On the next page click on “Edit” in front of the username.

5- Now choose a unique Facebook username for your profile. Facebook also suggests some usernames related to your desire name. You can also select those usernames.

6- After selecting a perfect name for your Facebook profile, now click on “save change”.  And your Facebook username will be updated.


You can also see the name option just above the username. Remember name and username are totally different terms. Your Facebook name is your personal identity or your personal name, and username will be suggested by Facebook and it is unique so that anyone can easily search you in billion of profiles. You can also change your Name if you want.

How to change Facebook page username

1- Open your Facebook page.

2- Then go to the “About” section on the left side of your page.

3- Click on “Edit”.

4- Type your desire page username.


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