Here is How to Share Jazz Balance : A complete Guide

how to share jazz balance

how to share jazz balance

In our daily life, we have to encounter some situation where are not allowed to go outside. And in this situation company offer us to share our balance with our loved ones. Jazz has made it easy to share our balance with our loved ones. Now all the jazz users can easily share their balance without any charges. But before this sharing balance wasn’t easy you had to do a lot of things to get the balance share. Here is how to share jazz balance easily. Now you can share the balance amount ranging from 15 to 50 rupees. But users cannot share of amount more than 250.

Here is how to share jazz balance :

Now share your balance with share family and friends. By just simply dialing this sharing code.

Simply dial *100 then the number you want to share your balance with. 

It is very easy to share jazz balance with the help of this code. This code is only for sharing balance with jazz to jazz numbers. This offer is only limited to jazz prepaid customers.

Example of  balance code :

Code to dial :

  • Dial *100*9230XXXXXXXX*Amount#

After dialing the code you have to send a confirmation message by replying 1. The fee for the transition is 0 rupees.

Terms and conditions :

  1. When you will use the jazz share you will be asked to confirm through the message you receive. And after confirming the message your transaction will be completed.
  2. The prepaid users of jazz can only use this option of sharing balance irrespective of the package they are using.
  3. All the taxes are excluded from this transaction. Only the standard taxes that are charged for any other transaction will be charged.
  4. The company can change the sharing code according to their ease.
  5. Service providers will not be responsible for any misuse of the service.
  6. Jazz terms and condition apply to the service

Conclusion :

jazz share is a very convenient flexible and easy availing service. The actual purpose of the service is to make sure that we are always connected to our loved ones.

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