Games to play with friends apps : 15 Best to play in 2020


In the same way as other different exercises. Games to play with friends apps is likely not going to occur soon. Yet, really doesn’t mean you can not recreate the experience basically from the wellbeing of your own home. Regardless of whether you’re a savagely serious Scrabble type. Or are simply missing your month to month bar random data home base. You can play adaptations of these games through applications on your iPhone or Android telephone. Even better? A large portion of them is allowed to download. Here are the absolute best multiplayer application games to play with your companions at this moment.

15 Best Games to play with friends apps

Mario Kart Tour

Best Apps to Play With Friends

The real fans of Mario kart may not like to paly this Nintendo classic game on a smartphone. They may not feel the same experience in the mobile app. But the mobile version is quite fun. And can be played with a group of friends. In this game to make a match. You have to jump over some hoops firstly. When you are done with downloading the app. You might have to create a Nintendo account and play some games on your own. Once you clear the first level. Then the friend icon will appear in the game. You will tap that icon that will be at the bottom of your screen. After selecting the icon you will enter your friend’s ID or their Nintendo account and ten challenge them for a  match.

Kahoot :

KAhoot 1


If you are a person that would prefer to host its own game night. this will help you to do that. Kahoot will allow you to create quizzes and multiple-choice questions. When you are done with creating your own questions app will generate a unique game pin code. You will share that with your friends. And your friends will only have to enter the pin in the pin code button on their home screens. At a time you can invite up to 10 friends to play the game.

Scrabble Go :

Games to play with friends apps

The original scrabble has been in the world for more than 80 years. And in the game there are many knocks offs that existed in this game for over a decade. This problem was solved when the game developing company name Scopely relaunched the mobile game that was named Scrabble go in early 2020 with Mattel and Hasbro. And almost, in fact, more than 2 million people play this game on a regular base. The new version of this game provides us te experienceTqat is a lot closer to the original game. Also, this game can be played with your friends by just adding them through the phone.or by connecting the app to your FB account.


Words with Friends :

words with friends

By this time you have heard of Words with friends as the variation of the Scrabble in your phone. You can invite your friends to play with you. And you will get alert when your turn will come. You can also play with the peoples you know. But if you are willing to look past some of the discrepancies when it comes to scoring. You will know that it is the same as the game.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends :



This game is created by the company named As a Heads up. Psych is a game that is like the Balderdash game. That you can play with your own friends. Every person in the games takes his turn to create some false answer to various questions .And those person which will get the right answer out of the wrong choices will get points. To play with friends one of the players will have to start the game by press the start button on the home screen and then you would be able to share the secret code that the game will tell you and other players can join the game by adding the code into the Join a game button.

8 Ball Pool :

Games to play with friends apps

You can recreate a playing pool with your dear friends at the local pub. With the virtual version billiards or snooker. The game will allow you to play one on one games by just using the mobile application at random. But you can link your account with your Facebook id to challenge your Facebook friends as well.


quiz up

This mobile app features themed rounds of questions and answers just as in the Trivial Pursuit.ou can also choose your questions from the topics that include Game of thrones .or the Disney. There are many topics like these from which you can choose. The app has the ability to match you with random persons from all over the world. You can also invite your friends by inviting them by just clicking on the invite button. This is on the homepage and also by texting them the links as well.

Game of Life

Games to play with friends apps

Game of life is the game created by the game developing company named as the Hasbro. And the game of life is a classic Hasbro’s board game that allows you to make your way through various stages of life. And now you can play this on your phone as well. This game also has a multiplayer mode where you can invite your friends to play against one another and make their own way to the ultimate goal of life.



This is the most popular game of pogo that millions of people around the world voted for the ultimate cities. And with this everyone could play this game from anywhere in the universe can play monopoly in the time. the game is about a journey in which you can build a different building and some houses that inspires you in the universe from the mud to the limitless sky.

And there are twenty-four playeres from all around the universe.  Each of the boxes has 6 players selected randomly. And if you need help on how to play you can visit the official page. You can make use of online banking with cards and without cash and you will find a dealer button for the faster play. If you have any difficulty you can contact Customer support to get the answer to your question.

Clue :


The basic goal of the app version of this game that is the murder mystery board game is the same. You would have to discover who can be or is the murderer fro the classic list of characters. You ave to find whether it was Miss Scarlet who was in the ballroom with the rope. Or it could be colonel Mustard who is in the library with the Wrench. You can play this game lonely on your desktop or you can play this by creating a multiplayer private game with your friends and family.

Boggle With Friends

The mobile version of the game is just like the same game as we played and loved it. when shaking the dice into the grid. You earn points from the combinations you spot in a letter. The best part about the mobile version I stat the game keeps your score .game allows us to play with random opponents from all over the world.


And you can also challenge your friend by selecting the invite tabs on the screen, You can select friends from your contacts who have this game already downloaded on their phones.



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