The  DELL XPS 17 is already proved to be fabulous and crazy at the same. It proved to be a good option for gamers because it has a very suitable Grapfic card inbuilt. The first model that was equipped with the core I processor of the first generation. A new version that is released in recent times is equipped with a cutting Sandy-bridge central processing unit. Dell has blown all the products range with the  Core i3-2310M (2.1 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache) up to the quad-core  Core i3-2310M (2.1 GHz, 3 MB L3 cache).  these are all that anyone could wish in a laptop whether it is for professional use or gaming.


They are giving an option so that the user can choose the main memory to the large whatever he wants. The spectrum ranges from three and twelve GB of DDR3 RAM (four GB are currently sufficient). A  7200 rpm HDD does the job as the hard disk of the laptop. The mandatory shutter glass is not included in the laptop. The company wants the full purchase for the vision kit to view games, movies in the 3-dimensional view.  The DVD  can be replaced by a BluRay combo drive (both cd and DVD), which is good for movie lovers.

Case :
Now let us talk about the external case of this elegant and fabulous machine The new DELL XPS 17 s case is almost equal to the previous model of XPS 17 and The matt silver surfaces, which is made partly of aluminum. Well manufactured and make a high-quality impression to the customer. Black borders are quite nice. One thing that does seem to be appealing is the round design but some can like it.


XPS 4 1

DELL XPS 17 has a Black Backlit Keyboard (US-International) with Finger Print Reader. Dell has done a great jo to the device The keyboard stands out from the competition with its optional (white) illumination. A key size of 14 x 14 mm is fairly small from the normal design. and it has is a folded keypad as well.

Touchpad :

The touchpad of DELL XPS 17 is the biggest advantage of the PC. Its smooth surface valid extremely good traits. The touchpad has great accuracy. It also supports zoom and scroll which are done by fingers usually. The pad can be disabled to avoid unintentional harm. But one thing that they should improve is their mouse keys.


Display :


XPS 17

The DELL  XPS 17 is one of the few notebooks in the market that has a 4k screen.  The screen shows a scene from two different angles and it has an OLED Display and infinity edge and wide viewing angles.

Dimensions & Weight :

Height (rear):                        19.5 mm (0.77″)
Width:                                        374.45 mm (14.74″)
Starting weight:                      2.11 kg or   (4.65 lb)
Weight (maximum):             2.51 kg  or (5.53 lb)



Unite your devices with Dell Mobile Connect : 
XPS 3 1

Seamless PC/smartphone integration: This laptop can access multiple devices without dividing attention.

Limit disruptions: With Dell Mobile Connect, you are able to make phone calls .and text people through laptops and you can also mirror your apps for a better view.

Maintain your privacy:  The connection to through dell mobile is the point to point connections. To ensure your privacy.

Easy transfer:

Transfers. photos, videos very quickly without any interception.

Gaming Performance :

In the  Gaming point of view the DELL XPS 17 to things that really trapped my attention

First thing how does the how its GT 555m would run in comparison to its better rival from AMD.

Second thing: what is the difference between this and its mid-range.

and the process GT 555m is very good in my opinion.

 Ready when you are :

Start in an instant:  DELL XPS 17 starts in an instant time there is lid  sensor that allows opening quickly and power on in some milk seconds
You are the password:
 For security, you have a face recognition technology.

 The fingerprint reader integrated into the power button lets you log on with just a touch.

Work or play all day: You’ll experience the long battery life up to some 22 hours on a full had displayed. and the battery is 97hrs when you are using production apps and expressed charge.


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