BS Software Engineering In IIUI: Fee Structure & Syllabus 2020

software engineering in iiui-BS Software Engineering is one of the most famous engineering branch in Pakistan. Software Engineering is basically associated with the development of software products. These Software-based products are widely used in our daily life as well as in big companies to solve problems. In Pakistan, there are a lot of universities that offer software engineering. But in this article, I will tell you about the BS Software in IIUI, its fee structure, and the syllabus (2020).

bs software engineering in iiui

BS Software Engineering And Computer Science in IIUI

In the IIUI Software Engineering department was launched in 1992, till now this department has further two co-related approaches, computer science and IT. The few of the courses are the same in all these three departments. Moreover, the department also allows MS and Ph.D. level programs of Software Engineering and Computer Science. The BS Software Engineering degree is recognized from HEC, other degrees are also recognized by HEC.

IIUI offers BS Software engineering course of about 133 CHRs. In these 133 CHRs, Core courses contain 58 CHRs, Elective courses contain 21 CHRs and General Education Courses contain 54 CHRs. The whole degree comprises 4 years and 8 semesters, which means there are two-semester in each year.

For taking admission in IIUI you need to give an MCQs based test. But remember your FSC marks really matter in this test. The MCQs include some mathematical problems, some arithmetic questions, and then and then English portions come which have some synonyms and Antonoys. The whole entry test is based on MCQs.

Eligibility Criteria:

The requirements for admission in the Bachelor of Software Engineering degree is that enrolled student has secured at least 50% marks in Intermediate (HSSC) examination with Mathematics or equivalent qualification with Mathematics certified by IBCC.

Fee Structure of Bs Software Engineering In IIUI:

As compared to other Universities IIUI offers an affordable fee structure for BS Software Engineering. The whole fee structure also includes transport charges and lab dues. You need to submit approximately 86200/- in your first semester, this also includes your one-time admission fee.

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All three programs contain an equal amount of fee. In the first semester, your total expense is quite but, after the first semester, your fee goes down.

Degree Requirments

  • You need to pass all the courses of 138 credit hours in order to get your Software Engineering degree.
  • You must maintain the CGPA of 2.0 out of 4.0
  • Also, you need to pass the University Hifz test as required by IIUI.

Course Registration Requirments

  • In order to register for next semester’s courses, you need to pass all the pre-requisite courses.
  • Those students who are failed in the elective courses may choose to stude any other elective course to balance the number of credit hours.
  • A core course is a course that must be studied. Students can’t student an altenatice course if he/she has not passed the core course. You must repeat it to improve the grades.
  • If a course is passed with a grade C then students can’t improve that course.

  • Senior Design Project can only be registered if the student has passed all computing core
    (37 credit hours) courses and has passed a total of 100 credit hours.

Download Syllabus from here

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BS in Software Engineering in IIUI and Fee Structure.

BS Software Engineering In IIUI

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