Best Laser Projection Keyboard That You Should Buy in 2021


With the help of a laser Projection keyboard, you can convert your mobile into a laptop. I saw a lot of people who feel difficulty in typing on a smartphone so laser keyboards are designed for such people. Also, the laser keyboard is easy to carry and you can put it in your pocket and take it everywhere with Yourself. There are a lot of laser projection keyboards, and it becomes difficult to find the original and best laser projection keyboard. So don’t worry in this guide I will show you the 5 best laser Projection keyboards that you should buy.

And to honest, all the laser keyboards which are mention in this article are the cheap laser keyboards that you could easily afford.  Now a lot of people among you don’t know about Best laser projection keyboards. Basically, there are virtual keyboards which through a virtual image of a keyboard on any surface.

Virtual technology is really changing the world and create ease for people. With these laser keyboards, you wouldn’t become tired and feel fatigued in your wrist even after a long time of use. Laser keyboard is really a lightweight console without a wire and anyone can easily use it.

Moreover, laser keyboards support multiple languages with radically different key layouts. So if you are a student or an office worker and use your smartphone for a long time then you should buy a laser keyboard.

7 Best Laser Keyboards

I write this article after long research so all the laser projection keyboards which are mention in the article are the best laser projection keyboard. And also the list is not made on the basis of priority.

AGS Virtual Projection Keyboard

AGS laser keyboards are the most famous and have really premium quality. I personally use this laser keyboard and definitely, this is the best laser projection keyboard. It comes with universal compatibility so you can easily connect it with your android phone, iPhone, laptops, or iPads, and tablets, etc. The part is, this laser keyboard is really easy to use because of its wide space virtual keys.

And this Best laser projection keyboard works on different surfaces you can use it on your kitchen shelf, on your office table, or any other surface. But remember to try to use such laser keyboards on the smooth surface because they work properly on such surfaces.

  • Universal Compatibility
  • Long Battery Time
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and Efficient
  • Small keyboard
  • Sometimes letters are flipped and you can see the edges

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 Ganguxum Virtual Laser Keyboard


This best laser projection keyboard is easy to use and it’s quality and is absolutely some. With its long battery time, you can use it for a whole day in your office, school, college, or at home. It laser projection keys are too much bright even you can also see them in daylight. This laser keyboard is based on the English QWERTY keyboard layout. Gangxun laser keyboard works on a lot of surfaces.

Gangxun laser keyboard is more stable and smarter it also has a micro USB port. Moreover, the one is the best laser projection keyboard with Multifunctionality means this console is equipped with a mini Bluetooth speaker. So with typing, you can also listen to awesome music and refresh your brain.

  • Bright Virtual Keys
  • Multifunctionality
  • Not much accurate

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Serafim Laser Projection Keyboard


If you want some extra-long battery life laser keyboard then Serafim virtual projection keyboard is the best option for you. It comes with a 2,000 mAh powerful battery that is enough for daily use. This keyboard has a more friendly virtual keyboard. You can easily type on its virtual keys for a long time without any fatigue. Due to its extra powerful battery, you can also use it as a power bank and charge your smartphone or smartwatches.

This one is the best laser projection keyboard that also supports a virtual studio with 4+ musical instruments. It allows you to create your own music instantly through its built-in music app. There are other lots of features in the Serafim Laser keyboard. You can also use it as your phone holder, at the top of this virtual keyboard there is a separate place for holding smartphones. With this feature, your smartphone will become a mini laptop.

  • Efficient and Accurate
  • Beautiful and easy to use the virtual keyboard
  • Virtual Studio support
  • Little expensive

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LYJ Laser Projection keyboard


LYJ Bluetooth projection keyboards are highly efficient. Very lightweight and accurate laser keyboards have 350 characters per minute recognition speed. Due to its high sensitivity, you can also use it on some hard and non-smooth surfaces. This Best laser projection keyboard has universal compatibility you can use it with any of your android phones, iOS phone, and laptops. Moreover, there is also a min Bluetooth speaker, supports music playing and voice reporting.

Its battery timing is also much powerful on a full charge you can use it for 150 minutes. The best thing about this laser projection keyboard is that you can easily customize its brightness. With FN + <- key you can increase keyboard brightness, and with FN + -> key you can lower its brightness level. YJ laser keyboard is a bit expensive because they have premium quality and has a different design from all other laser projection keyboards.

  • Premium Quality
  • Unique design
  • Customizable Brightness
  • More efficient
  • Little expensive

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AGS Premium Laser Keyboard


As I already told you AGS laser keyboards are very famous and AGS have a lot of laser keyboard. AGS made different quality virtual keyboards but to be honest this one is the best laser projection keyboard. It has long battery life and you can easily use it for your whole day’s work. Its efficiency is also much better than all other AGS laser keyboards. Especially I love its virtual keys design which allows you to easily type.

With its unique virtual key design, you can easily and more fastly type with more accuracy and efficiency. This laser keyboard has a wide gap between its projection key that allows you to type more accurately. Moreover, this laser projection keyboard has universal compatibility. Due to its powerful battery, You can also use it as a power bank to charge your smartphone.

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Final Words:

All the laser projection keyboards which are mention above are the best and have premium build-in quality. You can select anyone from the above according to your choice and requirements. But still, you may confuse in choosing the best laser keyboard. So don’t worry the all-time best laser projection keyboard is the LYJ laser keyboard. Although this laser keyboard is a bit expensive due to its high quality, to be honest, this one is the best piece.

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