Best fitness bands under $50 : The best fitness bands

best fitness bands under $50

best fitness bands under $50

When you are working out in the gym or running in the park  You want to track your progress and the best thing for this is to use a fitness tracker. The fitness tracker is a great invention of the recent past in the health and fitness industries. Now you don’t have to evaluate your performance by hand. And for this work you just need a wearable fitness tracker. And there is some high priced fitness tracker available in the market and you would think that you have to put a lot of your money to track your fitness progress. But with new inexpensive technology, there are many wearable trackers that are now available at a quite low price. Today we are going to see the best fitness bands under $50. All these fitness trackers possess good features for their price tags. and in the end, we just want to save our money while staying fit.

Before we go to the best fitness bands under $50.Here are some features that a fitness band must have

Calorie Calculator :

Burning calories in a workout are very important especially when you trying to lose some weight. And for that, you should have an accurate tracker of your calories. And the accurate tracker will help you to take in the calories that you want.And this is an essential feature that a  best fitness bands under $50 must have in it.

Step Counter :

One of the features that a fitness tracker should have is the step counter. Some trackers provide us the ability to track for a whole day. While some only track when you track over a specific time. Also, some trackers track distance as well. An accurate step tracker will tell us how much energy you have sent during the day.

Compatible and Companion App 

Nowadays we now need a tracker that can integrate with our smartphone or laptop.  This integration will help you to have a closer look at your performance. Workout application provides you the facility to set goals and challenge your friends as well.

Durability :

Since you will utilize the tracker to screen results during each exercise you need something that is strong. It is particularly obvious in the event that you invest a ton of energy practicing outside, for example, climbing, trekking, swimming, or surfing. The tracker must withstand the components you toss at it.

A tracker that has an IP67 water opposition rating is sweat, water, and sprinkle verification.

Heart Rate Monitor :

There are many devices available that are now capable of monitoring your heart rate. A cheap fitness tracker sometimes provides us this facility but other models cut costs by not providing this feature.

A heart rate is valuable for checking your cardiovascular action. It is ideal for genuine, extreme competitors or seniors. The tracker additionally tracks the calories you consume all the more precisely. A few screens will check pulses day in and day out, while others will basically record a resting pulse in the first part of the day prior to the gadget starts following.

Best cheap fitness bands under $50 :

Lintelek Fitness Tracker :

best fitness bands under $50

Pros & Cons

  • Accurate
  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Alarm and Alert inbuilt
  • Incompatible with Fitbit app

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker is a brilliant fitness tracker considering its price. This fitness tracker measures our heart rate and sleep habits throughout the day and night. The main goal of the fitness tracker is to track our fitness and sleep patterns. And this tracker does this very well.

This tracker is considered very accurate. Clients rave about trustworthy data with respect to steps, separation, calories consumed, dynamic minutes, and other significant wellness information. It helps keep you on the correct way to achieve your personnel goals.

This fitness tracker is designed with a very simple look. This tracker is very lightweight and compact. And these two things are very important for fitness trackers. The screen of the tracker is about an inch in diameter and thus very easy to read. This tracker comes with a USB plug to charge it and also has dependable battery life.

lintelek 2

Convenient Features :

The tracker is really comfortable to wear. The straps of the trackers are very soft and are comfortable to wear. And are made of TPU. Its lightweight makes you forget you are wearing it.

The tracker also has a photo function in it. And that allows us to capture our photos when we are exercising. And for this, you just need to shake it and your phone will take a photo in 3 seconds.

The fitness tracker also serves as a personal alarm clock. It will slightly buzz on your arm .nd is strong enough to wake you up. it stops you from missing your alarm or other types of notifications. The fitness tracker makes a real gift. It is affordable, adjustable, and compact in three different colors.

 Conclusion :

The Lintelek tracker is one of the best fitness bands under $50. The features of this tracker are very impressive for a band that is so cheap. This tracker syncs with the Fitpro app and also notifies you of incoming calls, text, and social media notifications.

YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker :


Accurate Fitness Tracker :

YAMAY watch will precisely follow your all-day steps, calories consumption, distance traveled, heart rate. It likewise supports additional 7 game modes to assist you with following your other exercise patterns and will interface with the cell phone’s GPS to draw the course map in the related application.

Smart Watch for iPhone Android Phones :

This watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 above smartphones(not for pc or tablet). You can get call, text, calendar, email, and messages caution and read them directly on the watch. This watch can fit for a 6.5 – 9.5 inch wrist(perimeter), appropriate for men ladies, and children.

 Battery & Swimming Waterproof :

Contrasted and conventional watches, YAMAY advanced watch upgraded the battery life a lot. With one single full charge, it can work 7-10 days. This observe additionally has IP68 waterproof standard, you can wear it without any concerns when washing hands or swimming.

Conclusion :

With all these features and its accuracy, this band deserves to be on the list of the best fitness bands under $50.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 :

best fitness bands under $50

Design :

The Mi Band 4 is also one of the best fitness bands under $50. There is some band that irritates you when you wear it but Xiaomi band 4 is very comfortable to wear even after the band gets wet.

This fitness band tracks our steps our burned calories and also the distance traveled in the day. You can activate a heart rate monitor when you are walking or running. You don’t need to press any buttons all the activities of the Xiaomi Mi band 4 records all automatically. And all of the information is synchronized with the Mi health app.

The BAnd has an OLED display and it is bright enough that you can read from it in the sunlight. And the scratch resistance glass makes it readable even after years of rough use.

Features :

There is a button on the Band that allows you to go through the activities that you have been tracking the whole day. Also, the sleep monitor can recognize your sleep activities such as REM and also deep sleep.  And the band gives you the pattern of your sleeping quality as well.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is water-resistant but not waterproof.

Conclusion :

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has valuable highlights, yet the application itself isn’t especially incredible for investigating information. The information must be moved over to different platforms, and any tracking must happen by means of Google Fit and Apple Health.

With a sub-$40 value point, this wellness tracker is an incredible, cell phone empowered tracker with some better quality highlights, despite the fact that it misses a few highlights that more costly trackers have.

Pros & Cons

  • The pattern of sleep activity
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water resistance
  • Works with Smartphone
  • Reminder fro text and call
  • Adjustable strips

  • Basic data provision


MOOV 3D fitness tracker :

best fitness bands under $50

Design :

The MOOV 3D  is one of the best fitness bands under $50. This 3D fitness band is very good when you are picking a band for running or cycling or swimming. The MOOV 3d band is like your personnel fitness coach that you can take with you wherever you go. It also synchronizes with the smartphone very conveniently.

The model of the band has almost 3 times the amount of sensors in it in comparison to so other bands in our list of best fitness bands under $50. These sensors use Omni Motion technology that allows it to track our exact movements and also our laps and the type of sports we are playing.

This fitness band is very adaptable as you can wear it on the wrist or you can wear it on the ankle. The training session of this band is very informative and encouraging. Your electronic coach will help you to build muscles .to keep your body in the right form.

Features :

This fitness tracker is waterproof and also dustproof. This band will help in providing peace to the mind of athletes that exercise in all types of outdoor conditions and in various environment. Moov 3d band has a battery life of up to 6 months. MOOV 3D Band can also track our sleep activity and give us detailed information about sleep quality.


Conclusion :

The 3D  Omni motion technology is a very innovative concept. MOOV is the best fitness bands under $50 .MOOV now has delivered us a brilliant way to meet our fitness goals. The audio coach in the band is very helpful in performing better since this band gives you your right form and also your real-time movements.

Pros & Cons

  • Audio Coach
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Six months battery
  • Tracks sleep activity
  • Water Proof and dust proof
  • Faliur in calculating accurate movements sometimes


YAMAY SmartWatch 2020 :


Design :

YAMAY is one of the best fitness bands under $50.YAMAY 023 watch can consequently follow your steps, distance traveled, calories consumed, and sleep quality precisely all day. You can likewise set up to 9 game modes to follow your different exercises accordingly. Each development will be counted with this watch, which can motivate you to move and remain dynamic.

Accurate :

YAMAY 023 can precisely monitor these three bodies ‘ most basic marker of health. You can peruse them continuous straightforwardly on the watch, which can assist you to better understand your wellbeing and make a sensible change in your way of life

Compatible with Android and IOS :

This watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones to notify you of new calls, texts, emails, calendars,s and app notifications. You can also read the messages directly on the watch, which enables you to never miss anything important when you are not convenient to access your smartphone.

 Features :

Support female health tracker, breath guide, vibration alarm clocks, timer, stopwatch, and music controller. You can also adjust the screen brightness and change the clock faces to meet your operating environment. This watch can be a very good gift choice to make people live more healthy, more active, and more convenient.


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 :

band 5

Magnetic Charging :

The charging interface has been changed to the beneath of pulse sensor, and two contact focuses configuration, simply charge at a touch, not any more continuous dismantling the Mi dial.

Professional Modes :

Mi Band 5 Support 11 elite athletics modes: outside running, strolling, cycling, indoor running, pool, work out, Indoor cycling, circular machine, jumping rope, yoga, paddling machine.

Accurate heart rate monitor :

24-hour pulse rest observing + ladies’ wellbeing: Heart rate checking: all-day pulse, manual pulse. Resting pulse, pulse bend; Sleep checking: profound rest, light rest, REM fast eye development, irregular snoozes. Women’s Health: Records and tokens of physiology and ovulation. Xiaomi Mi band 5 is also one of the best fitness bands under $50 .

Conclusion :

These were the best fitness bands under $50 that you will find on Amazon.Fitness band are available in very high price as well and under $50 is not that high so we have gather bands that work and works properly .



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