Apple Macbook Air 2020 Model Review :

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The Apple Macbook Air is incredibly light and so thin in the display. now it is more powerful than ever in the History of Macbook. The Mackbook Air has got features like a retina display. And a  new magic keyboard, fingerprint touch id. the processor is now twice the performance. This Apple MacBook Air has now double storage capacity and faster graphics. The sleek wedge-shaped design is created from recycled aluminum making this mac as the best mac ever. Just like the previous model, it is portable with a battery of a full day.


Performance :

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Apple Macbook Air gets a heavy performance machine into a weight of 2.8 pounds. This has got a core intel i7 processor that gives twice the performance and up to 75 to 80 percent graphic performance. To help you in your work from web browsing to editing videos and photos.  The fast SSD storage pf 256GB double the storage capacity of the previous configuration. And it can also be upgraded to 2 terabytes which provide more space for your movies and other private things.

Keyboard :

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Apple MacBook Air now has got the feature of the new Magic Keyboard. Which was first seen in Macbook pro. The refined mechanism would deliver a more responsive, comfortable, and silent typing experience.  The T arrows help us to go through hundreds of lines of code easily.  And the backlight sensor helps us to type in the dark.

The touchpad is one of the best in the world .that allows you to interact with your mac in different situations. You have control and a uniform response where ever you touch the pad.

Touch ID :

The Apple Macbook Air has the convenience of touched built into it. You just have to place your finger on the touch panel and you mac unlocks in some mili seconds.  You can use your fingerprints to open locked files. or settings easily without the frustration of putting the password again. on the other hand, online shopping has got easier than ever .without sharing your private information from apple pay.

Sound and speakers :


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Apple Macbook Air has got the latest in processing and tuning tips and techniques.  Stereo speakers could deliver t two times the base and up to 30 percent more volume. Stereo makes the volume immersive when u are listening to something. The brilliant camera lets everybody see you in high definition   And the microphones capture the voices and talk to Siri accurately.

Mac + iPhoneAll together now.


Apple Macbook Air

In Apple Macbook Air now you can use it as your iPhone and laptop. You can now do things like that if you open a game on your phone and if u would like you can end it on your mac. This mac work with your phone like no other computer can. You can create a shopping list on your mac and view it on your iPhone.


Made with 100% recycled aluminum:

This  Apple MacBook Air is made with 100 percent recycled aluminum. That gives the exact strength and durability and the same finish that was with the aluminum got from the earth.

Apple Macbook Air

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