Android 11 Release Date, Soon Its Rolling Out To Your Phone

Android 11 Release Date, Soon Its Rolling Out To Your Phone

Android 11 is soon rolling out to your smartphones. Before this Google Pixel and other, some mobiles have Android 11 beta versions. But soon its original version will be avaliable on all the latest smartphones. This new OS brings a lot of amazing features with more advanced privacy features, as well as some visual improvements. These new upgrades help you to navigate items like smart home devices.

There is good news is that, earlier than ever, Android 11 is arriving on more smartphones. But there is also bad news, Pixels phone receives secure updates, with betas obtained by other phones. Well, you may see some Android 11 features on a few phones. But this time the full and final version of Android 11 will be rolled out on Smartphones.

Besides this, the main thing which you will see in the new OS is the improved smart home, media controls, and some changes in the Notification menu. But a lot of features of Android 11 are quite similar to Android 10. Google always adds some small tweaks and quirks to its updates that it doesn’t reveal. These features are later discovered by users.

Android 11 Final Version Release Date

Android 11 is actually released on September 8, 2020. But at that time Google release this OS for some smartphones include all Google Pixels Phone and Xiaomi Mi 10. But now the final version of Android 11 will roll out for all the latest smartphones.

If you have low model smartphones Android 11 might not come to you at all. But don’t worry Google also designed Android 11 (Go edition) for lighter version smartphones with 2GB or less RAM.

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