Android 11 Launch Date May Have Leaked by Google Itself

The Android 11 update is officially launched, but it is not confirmed from Google that when the final version of the software will be landing on Smartphones around the world. A new leak that directly comes from Google gives us the best idea of the launch date.



Google has officially announced the launch date of Android 11 that is 8 September 2020.


According to a new leak from Google, Android’s version 11 will be possibly launching on September 8 on certain devices.

This news comes from Michele Turner, who is a Product Management Director of the Smart Home Ecosystem division at Google. Turner’s post has a section called “Checklist for Android’s version 11 Launch September 8”.

Although this is not an official date from Google, but this is the best-expected release date of Android version 11.HostGator Web Hosting


Android 11 has the number of improvements, including revamped notifications which give messaging apps their own “Conversation Section.” This update also has a native screen recording and bubbles. Media controls are also redesigned in quick settings.


Techycentre was unable to find the exact post that was posted by Phone Arena, but that includes a screenshot with the exact claims it’s from Turner.

Expected Android 11 Date

Android 10 was released on Sep 3, 2019, so it made sense for it to be around a similar sort of time of this year. September 8 is also close to the expected iphone12, and it may mean it can slightly beat Apple’s IOS 14 Update to people’s devices.

We don’t have the exact list of smartphones that will be able to support Android 11. If you have the Google Pixel phone, then your smartphone may be one of the first that is able to download the update.

Google is also expected to introduce the Google Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 before the end of this year that is 2020. So these devices may come with Android version 11.

We are expecting the date from Google soon and we will update our article as soon as Google releases the Android’s version 11 launch date officially.

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