Alienware Area 51m The Best Gaming Laptop

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Today’s gaming laptops are quite not capable of playing the latest game on the quality that they should be played. but they can play the double role of gaming and production work easily. Alienware Area 51m whose price starts at a price of almost 2000$ .and can be modified up to a wealth of 5000$.

This beast is not one of those laptops that are thick and smooth it looks. but doesn’t play games on the quality they should be played. Yes, this is a pc that is heavy and it reminds you of that era when gaming laptops were heavy and thick. This laptop is thick and heavy then the latest razor blade but the Alienware Area 51m can do those things that other laptops don,t do.

Alienware Area 51m

This beast laptop is

  • More Powerful
  • Aesthetic
  • Very Expensive
  • Can be upgraded widely on users demand
  • Can be Loud

Alienware Area 51m

This laptop is the best with the keyboard and chassis to complement it. But as I told it goes beyond the limits of looks. This is by far the best gaming laptop in the market right now. However, it gets hot and the fans in it get loud sometimes but it ends up with a great processor and a high graphic card. (Alienware Area 51m)

This laptop is already a beast at the first price but further upgradeability is good .but when you are spending 20 grands , on the laptop, you don’t want to upgrade it soon. This may look different from other gaming laptops but this machine will justify its cost by its performance.

Not the laptop for traveling:

This laptop is not that laptop you can use while you are traveling. You can take this along with you but you can not game on this on your lap. Because this is unsafe to put this beast machine on your lap. Alienware Area 51m is heavier but this would satisfy you if you have ever user Alienware 17 cause this is a pound lighter than that.

There is no mistake in calling this a gaming laptop only with the feature this machine has got in it.with its head logos and the beautiful lightening effect. The most prominent feature is the rare exhaust with hexagonal patterned grates for ventilation with a red light that makes the whole machine look like a spaceship.

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Specification :

  • Alienware Area 51m   has an NPN chiclet keyboard with number pad,
  • A  trackpad with physical buttons that lights up when you touch it.
  • A 17-inch Display with slim bezels on the top and sides.

There ate more specification that is defined below:

 There are many ports in the machine but there is room for others:

This Alienware Area 51m has the same set of ports that a gaming laptop should have in it. Three USB 3.01 ports and a thunderbolt type C port. A headset jack and a microphone port. A 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet Port.Alienware’s proprietary graphics amplifier port for an external GPU. These are all the port that a gaming laptop should have but the chassis of the machine have free space. That could be used for more input and output ports like an SD card slot.


loud fans can be a problem but you can cope with it. If you are in the market for Alienware Area 51m you would happily expect it. The speakers pf the machine are so powerful that they can overpower fans’ loud noise. But when you are gaming you would like to use a hand free so you cannot hear the fan’s noise. Frankly speaking, you would not be able to use this in a quiet office. if you do this I am pretty sure that they should throw you off of the office.


I am quite sure in few things that this machine will be able to push a 1440 px panel and 4k display in most of the games easily. But if you are after a high frame rate you can get that also. Gaming laptops do not do things that this Alienware Area 51 m does. Those laptops are made for both professional and gaming work but this is design for gaming.

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