A OnePlus Nord Phone Will be Released in The US

OnePlus Nord US

OnePlus Nord was recently launched on 21 July 2020 in Europe and India. After it’s launched it was strongly expected that OnePlus will soon launch a phone in the US also. It turns out that something Nord-related is definitely on its way to the US.

Recently Wired’s Julian Chokkattu says that OnePlus CEO Carl Pei told him Nord-branded phone will arrive soon in the US later this year. It is not necessary that it will be Nord.

Half of the year is already passed and we are into the second half of the year. It means that OnePlus Nord 2 or the first Nord’s successor gets called is coming very soon.

We don’t know anything till now about the new phone which will launch in the US. This phone is expected to be different from the original Nord. We don’t know anything about the phone even about its chipset or camera specs or if it will be 5G compatible.HostGator Web Hosting

We don’t know that the phone which is about to launch in the US will also launch in India and Europe or not. It is expected that it won’t necessarily be an improvement over the original Nord in terms of features and specs.

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OnePlus Nord is a Phone line

OnePlus Nord

If the phone launching in the US is a different one then it would confirm what we’d already suspected. If it is different, it means that Nord isn’t just a single phone it will be a series of phones.

Nord 2 wouldn’t necessarily be a step up from the Original Nord. Oppo released the Reno in early 2019, but it also launched Reno 2 in late 2019 which didn’t replace them. It flushed out the range with the devices at more price points, so OnePlus can also follow a similar strategy with the Nord line.

OnePlus 8T is also arriving later this year, which will be fairly top end, and obviously OnePlus doesn’t want to compete 8T  to compete with any mid-ranged Nord 2 devices. This is another reason due to which we wouldn’t expect the next Nord to be more powerful than its predecessor.


We already mentioned that we are not confirmed yet about anything. You will have to wait until OnePlus reveals something about the Nord or another Nord phone. We hope that we won’t have to wait long for it.

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