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Google Pixel 5

In 2020, Google has launched three new Pixel phones. This has been an odd year for Pixel the three phones were, the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Google Pixel 5. All phones that were launched in 2020 was mid-range. While if we look at the previous year then Google has launched high-end flagship devices. Now, the news is coming from different sources that Google is about to launch its new flagship Pixel phones.

Max Weinbach (who is a leaker with a good track record) said that Google could launch a new flagship Pixel 5 model around March 2021.

You should take this leak as a huge side of salt because Google usually doesn’t launch its devices in March. Also, the leaker Weinbach claims that “this is an unsubstantiated rumor I’ve heard from like 2 people”.

This is one of the biggest rumors that I have heard in a long time. I personally don’t believe this rumor but no doubt it is true that Google could launch a new flagship Pixel device.

More about the upcoming Google Pixel 5 Model

We have no information about the new upcoming phone from Google. Google Pixel 5 has recently launched. We are expecting that the new phone could be the version of the Pixel 5. It could be a version of the Pixel 5 XL or Pixel 5 Pro. There are very less chances that the new phone will be Pixel 6. We could say that it will be the start of an entirely new line of phones.

A lot of time has passed after the launch of the Google Pixel 5. A new model of Pixel 5 months after the launch of the standard phone seems odd. But we can’t forget the launch of the Pixel 4a 5G a while after the launch of the Pixel 4a. While the Pixel 4a also came long after the launch of the Google Pixel 4. So, we can expect a new Pixel 5 model from Google.

It also makes sense if Google launches a new flagship device. All current phones of Google are mid-range and a flagship device could stand out among them. It also seems odd that Google didn’t launch any flagship device this year.

Remember that, this is the only leak that we heard about the upcoming phone. So, we are not much agreed with this leak, if it is true then we are expecting more leaks about a new model of Googe Pixel 5. Keep visiting us for more updates about the new phones.

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