10 Best Sites to Download Pc Games 2020

free pc games downloading sites

Games are one of the most popular and the best ways to entertain yourself. If you feel bor or free at home then games are the best companion for you. I personally like to play e-games. There are Million of games on the internet and thousands of game downloading resources. But few are the best game downloading websites which give you free pc games, and you can easily download games from these sites. These sites include all types of games like; action, fighting, shooting, adventure, racing, horror, and much. If you are looking for a top website to download free Pc games, then this article is quite helpful for you. I am writing this article after a lot of research so in this article, I’m gonna show you the

Top websites to download PC  game

Finally here is the list of best PC game download sites in 2020. The list not made on basis of priority, so every game downloading website is perfect for you.

1- Origin Games

Origin game is one of my favorite and best websites to download games. Here you can find a huge quantity of games along with premium quality. There are some premium games with amazing features but free games also found there. On Origin.com you will find your favorite game, this platform contains the latest games. Especially if you are fond of FIFA and adventure games then this is the best site to download games.

best websites for free pc games download

Free Trailer: The best thing which I liked about this platform is that you can watch a free trailer for every game. And this is quite helpful to identify the quality of the game as well as its features.

Social Features: There is a lot of social features like profile management, build connections with friends via chatting and video streaming. Moreover, you can also share your game library and build community through social media like Facebook, Xbox Live, and Playstation.

Large Variety of Games: As I already told you this platform contains a large variety of games. Origin.com is a best platform to find out the latest games.


  • You will also enjoy Streaming features
  • It is one of the reliable and trusted companies all around the world.
  • There are a lot of games with premium quality
  • Games are avaliable for both Mac and Windows.


  • It has a lot of updates that take a lot of time to install
  • Customer service is quite slow.

2- AllGamesAtoZ

AllGamesAtoZ is another most famous and best game downloading site, gives you a high-quality PC, Mac, Linux, and retro games. The best thing is that this platform gives you games that are free, freeware, and open source. All the games on this platform are avaliable in full version so just need the internet to download these games. I also used these sites to download games. Moreover, AllGamesAtoZ.com also show some description and details about every single game which is quite helpful to identify games experience.

top websites to download game

Games Variety: Here you will find a huge variety of games belonging to different categories like action, shooting, adventure, arcade, racing, simulation, and a lot more.

Custom Search Bar: There is a custom search bar that helps you to locate the exact game that you are looking for without having to browse through thousands of games.


  • Huge variety of games which are easy to download
  • All games are avaliable for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • The website is reliable and trustable.
  • Games reviews make it easier to identify the features of games.


  • The downloading process is quite long.

3- OceanOfGames

The Ocean of Games gives you high-quality games for free. There are a huge variety of games including; Action, Adventure, Arcade, Fighting, Horror, Puzzle, Racing, Shooting, Simulations, Sports, War, Strategy, and Fantasy. You just need to search your game in a search bar and it will give you your desire game. The Ocean of Games also has the latest games so you can download such games from this website.

ocean of games

Moreover, this site allows you to download games as large as 60 GB, you can also download GTA 5 PC version of 58 GB from this site which is absolutely free. THe downloading speed of the site’s servers is also very high. So you in order to download any game from OceanofGames you only have a stable internet connection.  You can also download Assassin Creed’s different series and other such famous games.

Free Reviews: With each and every game you can read the full game review and see the game’s pictures which is helpful to identify the quality and features of the game.


  • Have a lot of the latest games
  • Secure and reliable website
  • High downloading speed


  • Sometimes download button redirects to some other page.

4- GameTop.com

This is another free PC game downloading website. Here you can find a huge variety of games like the ocean of games. On the top, you will see a custom search bar that shows you all the games but few games don’t have a download button so you only read their review. I recommend this site only if you are looking for some small games up to 15GB. If you want to download large games with premium quality then an ocean of games is the best game downloading website for you. On Gametop you can download games for both PC and Mac.

game top

Free Reviews: With each and every game you can read the full game review and see the game’s pictures which is helpful to identify the quality and features of the game.


  • Huge variety of games
  • Customize Search bar
  • Games are available for both Windows and Mac
  • You can easily download games from this site
  • A full review of every game is available on site.


  • Sometimes you can’t download large size games.
  • Contains a lot of ads.

5- GOG

GoG or GoG.com is one of the largest and most famous digital distributing platforms for games. Here you can find the latest and best quality games. GoG.com contains most premium games but there are also free games. You can also download movies from this platform, and this website contains a lot of the latest stuff. There are also some of the old games and you can download those games easily.


Easy Installation and auto-update: GoG.com allows its users to easily install games with just one click, you don’t install any third-party client to install or run games. Moreover, this platform also gives you auto-update features means the new features in your games will automatically update. You can also stop automatic updates if you don’t want it.

Offline Mode: GoG.com contains such games that don’t need an internet connection. SO you can play games offline, and the game will still be backed up.

Backup and Cloud saving: The interesting thing about this platform is that you will never lose your game progress because GOG.com automatically saves your game progress in the cloud.


  • This platform is easy to use, and anyone can download games from it.
  • The games are not much costly, and GOG.com also give you many games for sales and accept gift cards as well.
  • Games in GoG.com are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux as well.
  • There are a large variety of games.


  • Most of the games on this platform are old, and there are few new games introduced.
  • it doesn’t have multiplayer gaming features.

6- Steam

Steam is one of the most famous E-Gaming digital distribution service developed by Valve. If you are a real fan of games then nothing is perfect than this platform. It gives you an unlimited destination for playing, discussing, and creating games. All the games in Stream are up-to-date, and Steam operates in 28 languages. There are a huge variety of games you can find every latest game on this platform. All the games on Steam are premium means you need to pay for them, but their prices are affordable. Although maybe there are few games that are free and you can download them.


Multiplayer Games: Along with single-player games, there are also a huge variety of Multiplayer Games. You can play such games with your friends and challenging them over a game and have fun. You can also play such games with local players all over the world.

HD Video Streaming: Steam is one of the best gaming platforms which gives you an option to stream games in the form of movies, demos, and tutorials. Its Stream category includes anime, comedy, drama, horror, action, and Sci-fi.

Stay Connected With Friends:  Steam offers its players the to stay connected with their friends, meet millions of new people, form groups, clans, and chat during the game through their community.


  • There are a variety of games and allows early access to some games for a limited time.
  • You can Play Multiplayers, also play with an automated player.
  • Steam is avaliable in 28 languages all over the world.
  • Highly reliable and safe website for gaming.


  • Few of the games in the stream are free to rest are avaliable in paid versions.
  • Free games on Steam have limited features.

7- G2A

G2A is another fastest growing global digital gaming platform that also gives you a lot of amazing E-gaming products. There is a pool of games in G2A and the good news is that this site also offers you Xbox and PS games. So you with PC and Mac games you can also get Xbox, and PS games that’s really cool. You can search every single game on this gaming platform, all the games on this platform are paid. But their prices are much more affordable, you can easily buy your favorite games. If you are a big fan of games then I recommend you, must visit this site you will find here a lot of the latest games and other gaming products. This is the best site to download games for Pc, Mac, Xbox, and PS.

game downloading site

Free Reviews: With each and every game you can read the full game review and see the game’s pictures which is helpful to identify the quality and features of the game.

Generic Gamic Plateform: On G2A you will find all your desire games for PC, Windows, Xbox, PS

G2A 3D+: This option allows players to choose their favorite hero or a legendary weapon from their favorite game, and then you can print it, color it, and ship it to your doorstep.


  • Their prices are affordable.
  • G2A contains a huge variety of games in each category, you can also found every single latest game on this platform.
  • This site can be accessed in more than 20 languages.
  • G2A also brings Gift cards that contain amazing surprises.


  • This site only has paid games.

8- MegaGames

MegaGames.com is one of the oldest gaming resources found in 1998. This is one of the best sites to download games but I will only recommend it to you if you are a fan of 3D games. This platform only provides PC games but also has some 3D Playstation games which you easily download and play without any charge. The majority of the games on this site are old, if you want to play some of the traditional games then you can download such games from this site. Along with games this website also gives you the latest news related to the gaming world and gaming products. And their news is absolutely free.


Moreover, if you need different modes of your games or need some cheat then this site is a perfect option for you. Because this site contains cheats of every single game. You can also download GTA V latest modes from this site. And you can also see different videos related to your favorite game plus read review, news Editorials, and much more.


  • Easy To use the website.
  • You can easily download games from this site.
  • The best site for cheat codes.


  • There are a few latest games to download on this site.

9- Softpedia

Softpedia is a multi-platform where you can find over 1M+ apps included games and all the study on Softpedia is absolutely free. Softpedia has a separate sub-domain for its games where you can find out thousands of games and all the games are absolutely free. There is a search bar where you can search for your desire game and then you can easily download your favorite game.


Although you can’t download large size games from this site the way to download the small size games is super easy. With each game, you can also read out its review. Also, you can read out comments under review which is helpful to identify the quality of the game and its features.


  • A very reliable and secure website.
  • All the games and other apps are absolutely free.
  • Easy to the user: you can download games with just one click.


  • You can’t download the large size and premium games.

10- Softonic

Softonic is another cross-platform website that gives you a lot of apps including thousands of games absolutely free. And this is also the oldest platform and the best platform to download games. There are a huge variety of games that are free to download and the process of downloading is also very easy. The majority of games on Softonic are free but there are also some games which are avaliable in paid versions.

top game downloading sites

Like all other games downloading site, Softonic also provides short reviews of every game and also mention their requirements to run on PC.


  • Reliable site to download games.
  • Huge variety of Free games.
  • Easy to use.


  • Softonic has limited latest games
  • Sometimes download buttons redirect to some other page.

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