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Everybody loves movies, and movies are the best way to entertain ourselves. Nowadays hundreds of movies are released on a monthly basis, including Action movies, Comedy movies, thrilling movies, horror movies, etc. But you need to need a secure website to stream these movies as well as you can also download these movies. There are a lot of websites where you can download different types of movies.

But some websites are not secure and can’t provide you a safe content. And some websites don’t have any stuff or your desire movies to provides you, and some websites will give your desire movies but in low quality. Today we will show you the ten best movies downloading site so that you can easily and quickly download all your desire movies. The list contains that website which is legal and contains safe material.

10 Best Free Movies Downloading sites

So here is a complete list of 10 best sites for downloading movies.

1- YouTube


Youtube is one of the largest video platforms that offer you Billions of videos also including movies. Also the best movie streaming websites, you can watch full HD as well as 4K movies on YouTube. Youtube is one of the best platforms for those who can not afford Netflix, those people can use YouTube for watching their favorite movies freely.

Moreover, you can also download movies from YouTube via different downloading managers. IDM is one of the best downloading managers to download videos from Youtube. I personally use YouTube, and for downloading purposes, I just copy the link of the video and paste it on Y2mate.com this website is very good for downloading YouTube videos.

Also, Youtube contains massive amounts of movies, people who are in search of classical movies and can’t find them anywhere can find those movies on Youtube. Therefore, YouTube is considered as the best option for those who can’t afford the premium version of Netflix.

2- Archive.org

internet archive

Internet Archive is another old movie downloading site and considers and one of the best sites for downloading movies, books, music, software, and much more. It contains a massive digital library that contains 362 billion archived web pages. The Internet Archive offers you a free option to download movies, and this site is one of the reliable and secure ones. Their site also allows you to create a free virtual library card that gives access to forums, the ability to upload videos, bookmarks, etc.


3- Watch TCM


TCM is one of the best movie sites, and I strongly recommend it to those people who are in search of classical movies. This site provides you a massive list of all the classical movies. And you can access all movies free of cost. There are also different types of classical seasons and drams that you can download and also enjoy live streaming. TCM also has an app so that you can also access your Android phone or iOS and on your smart TV etc. Also, this site is perfect for the people of the USA.

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4- Antmovies


Antmovies is one of the best sites for online streaming HD movies also you can freely download movies from this site. There is a massive list of all the latest as well as classical movies on this site. There are also different types of TV shows and seasons which you can watch or download.

Antmovies is one the fastest and more reliable movies downloading site, with very simple GUI(Graphical User Interface). The main goal of movies is to offer free opportunities to watch movies. You not even need to register your self on the site or pay something. There are not any distracting ads on this site you can easily and watch your favorite movies on this site.

5- YTS


YTS also know as YIFY is one of the most famous movies downloading sites. You can download high quality including 4K videos from this site. YTS is one of the most used movie websites that offer you a massive variety of movies. I also personally used this site for downloading 4K movies. The best thing is that this website contains all the latest movies. You can also watch online movies from this site as well as 3D movies option is also available here. YTS is also a secure and reliable website.

6- HotStar


Hotstart is perfect entertainment Indian Platform and an amazing gift for Bollywood movies lover. It is actually launched by start India that lets you stream movies and different TV shows. Hotstart contains a variety of Indian movies you can watch and also easily download movies from this site. There are plenty of classical Indian movies and Tv shows you can search for any type of Indian movie here. Hotstart is a safe and reliable movie downloading platform.

7- 1337x


All things which you want to download are present in 1337X including HD movies, Windows, software, applications, music, tv shows, games, Animated movies, Documentaries, XXX, and much more. 1337X contains a massive variety of content that you can easily download by using torrents. The website is fully secure, reliable, and has very beautiful GUI. The perfect feature in 1337x is the high HD video Quality in small file sizes.

8- Saveform


Saveform.net is another good option for you to download different types of movies. This site is supported by different websites including youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and a lot of other big websites. So you can get a lot of content from this site and easily download all your desire content into your PC. You can also download any video from the direct URL which you have copied from Youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Vimeo, or any other platform.  SaveForm has av very nice and clean GUI without any ads. You can use this website for downloading your favorite video.

9- Retrovision


Retrovision is another famous website for classical movies and classical TV shows. Which offer you to download all of your desire content plus you can also stream online from this website. The site also has an app named Classic UHF. You can easily search your desire movie in the search box because of the particular Here menu. The famous content of Retrovision includes Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Horror, War, Drama, etc.

10- Pluto TV


Pluto Tv is one of the famous American Television services offer you a variety of classic movies and TV shows. Especially tradition is one of the basic content in this website You are able to watch 250+ channels of free TV and 1000’s on-demand movies and TV shows in high resolution. Not just that there is also new, tech, and sports categories. There is also an official app of this website that you can download on your smartphone. This website is good for only US people if you are not lining in the US then you need to use a VPN to connect with this website.


Among all above mention best movies downloading sites, Youtube is one of the safest and trustable websites for downloading as well as for online streaming. But sometimes youtube doesn’t provide you all the movies and videos in HD or 4K and there also a limited version of the st movies on Youtube. So to download HD or 4K and latest movies you need to use YTS or 1337x which are the perfect movies downloading site all around the world.

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